Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Saturday Evening Post or Quid Pro Quo

(From Susan, who's grandmother was a postmistress.)

When you get mail what's the first thing you do? You check the address, you check the return address, and you check the back, right? If you're like me it's automatic. Are you ever caught off guard? I am! I laughed out loud when I saw this and turned a few heads in the lobby. A week had gone buy since my last visit to the post office and surprise! I had mail. Good mail, as usual. How often do you add a little extra to the back of your own mail? All that blank space! It's not just for flaps any more.

(From dear Anna who reads me well.)

Flaps and backs are way cool. Designers know it, too. No more plain backs! Baby's got back? Confession: I Googled Baby's Got Back, boy oh boy, was I taken aback. Well, a letter's got back too! Let's really use it! (Still laughing!)

(Cynthia! Thank you for the dose of humor.)

I laughed hard. I laughed loud. Unexpected humor, the kind that really catches you off guard is good for what ails you. Too bad our mail isn't sorted by hand these days. It's not the underwear that winds up the funny bone, so it has to be the "underwire," huh? I almost wondered out loud if those garments belong to Wendy W. then didn't. Humor often comes at the expense of someone's feelings, right? But the very idea of underwear . . . Wait a minute. Would it be funny if they were men's underwear? Cross dressers are a dime a dozen these days. But it's funny! What if it's Mrs. Sasquatch's undies? Oh, never mind! I like this postcard. 

I like this, too! I tore it from The Sun Magazine over a year ago because I couldn't see it as anything but a great postcard. Each caption that came to mind was at the expense of the woman. Shame on me, huh? But the joke is always, always, always on the old man. I laugh just as hard each and every time I come across it in my paper hoard, and I'm willing to bet someone out there thought the same thing I did when I first saw it. They're Italian, aren't they? They're sitting on a bench beneath her kitchen window. She's a spinster? A widow? He's a widower. Why do you think he's grinning? Is she pulling her dress up? She let him see her knees?Down? She's extremely modest? The wind blew her dress a little more than gently? Stories, stories, stories! A picture is worth a thousand tales. At least. They're like the Naked City. 

(Dear, dear, dear Kathleen! Thank you.)

I grin each time I look at this. Aussies are so much like Texans! Uniformity does not conformists make. Individuality is the backbone of humanity. Okay, I might not be right but I'm pretty darn close. I'd be proud to have such creative neighbors, wouldn't you? I mean, even the birds get mail. (wink, wink)

(See? And, what a sweet-sweet bird. Thank you, dear Angela.) 

(From Davia and Lynda. Elephants having a tea party. Such magic!)

There's always magic and imaginations at play in the mail. Lovely illustrations are special. Tea. Teapots. I want to make a teapot stamp! A teacup and sugar cube stamp. Lynda read my mind! (Yes, I'm still carving and stamping.)  The cute little white and blue pot is made of foam. Davia made it! She's as sweet as a sugar cube. Thank you, Davia. Thank you, Lynda. Oh! I forgot to give credit where credit is due. Time to backtrack. (Backtracking done.) Yes, the back is dressed up, too. "A Tale of Two Teas!" Clever, Lynda! Cookies too! Thanks!

And, there's this. What a peaceful way to end the day. Thank you again, good Angela. If wishes were bicycles . . . 

The End.

Well, not quite! The scanner works again. 


  1. Oh he is absolutely flirting with her! I think he is talking about something current and posing a dare to her. Twerking or something like that but decent.
    Glad you liked the postcard! Google the artist...he is a well known cartoonist in Germany.
    And I am going to cut out some quotes for the back of envelopes. Love it!

    1. Hahaha! Twerking! I like the idea. And I agree. He's flirting his little heart out, but being a widower, his technique is rusty.

      The postcard made me laugh. So thanks again. I'll Google the artist as soon as I take a break.

      Quotes are a fun way to end a letter. :) Write on!

  2. I can just imagine that woman saying to the man, "Remember that time..." When my siblings and I get together we laugh like that.

    1. :D I like it! Now I'm imagining all the naughty things they might remember--such as the last time he saw her knees. :) The wind wants a peek!

      Thank you both for playing. :)