Thursday, May 1, 2014

You've Got Mail!

I'm hooked. 

I caved. I bought a template, a rather expensive one at that. Made me wince. And I whined. But it's gonna earn its sticker price several times over before this limner sings. Now. What to do with all the waste? Are you bothered by all the paper you trim away to make one simple envelope? Any ideas about what to do with it? Well, I have an idea!  I'm working on it. Until then . . . You've got mail in your future.

Now. Do you know why bicycle art frequently includes postmarks? I have an idea about that too. Amazing, huh? I think the postmarks are references to a time when European cycling tours were big deals, and cyclists sent postcards stateside in an attempt to rub it in assuage family members stuck back home with such lies as "Miss you. Wish you were here." What's your take?

Who successfully finished the April letter-a-day commitment? I didn't. I had such good intentions, too. I came close but almost doesn't count, huh? I often have the attention span of a gnat and that translates to flitting. My storage room/pantry is almost clean though. Fifteen minute bursts of cleaning turned into half-day sessions, Fly Lady! Three half-days and eight bags of trash. So far. My consolation prize is having something to bore y'all with in my next letter--photos included. You won't believe what I'm gonna show-and-tell you about! Consider this forewarning.

This is the envelope for my day thirty letter. It's titled "Buzy," as in busy. (groan) Hey. A limner's gotta do what a limner's gotta do. 

This package is for Nephew II. He's got mail (coming) too! Can you guess what it might be? Now, try to imagine just how much my favorite Marine is going to like his me come mail call. This is day twenty-eight mail. Some days the post office is so-o-o far away. 


  1. I love my envelope board, too. I look forward to seeing your ideas for the leftovers and your lovely envelope creations.

    1. Hahaha, Jackie! You should see the mistakes. I think you'd be surprised to discover just how pedestrian my envelopes are compared to yours. Check your mail next week. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Pamela, you are just reckless. LOL!