Friday, May 30, 2014

You Say Potato, I Say Stamp!

Reading is so easy when you're propped up with pillows, there's good light, and you have a stack of of your favorite, lovely, new magazines. So I was totally caught off guard and only moderately disappointed to discover "my day in cups of tea" was missing. Is it gone forever? I thumbed through it three times before allowing myself to be mollified with "One Potato, Two Potato." I'm easy, I tell you.

Remember me telling you how much I enjoy The Simple Things Magazine? Well, May's Issue 23 has me rethinking my stance. I'll show-and-tell all about it soon, but here's the rest of my sell on "One Potato, Two Potato." 

The simply, straightforward, lovely piece is all about artist Julia Burns, owner of Red Hen Originals, who has " . . . elevated potato printing to an art form." You're teased to show off your own skills, or get your children to do it in a potato carving contest sponsored by The Simple Things. You have to be a resident across the Big Way to enter, but here's a link if you're interested in potato carving and stamping as consolation for not being allowed to enter the contest:

See? The stars align and point the way when I am on a mission. Apparently my latest is all about learning how to hand carve and stamp my way back to sanity. The Simple Things made its way to me yesterday. See? I was destined to . . . I blame the Albuterol! But, if I can convince JC to bring me a potato, I will carve it! 

And of course there's this. "How to Fix a Dried-up Fountain Pen," for those who might not know how. 

Thank you, Pamela! Making postcards is one of my favorite simple things. I can make a one from just about anything. I can do it in bed, on the patio, at my desk, on my drawing table. I can even do it in the park. Making them is such a lark! We should do it more often. I know I will. Am off to write a nice letter to Maya Angelou.

Write on!


  1. Your blog posts are works of art in themselves and I so enjoy! Thank you!

    1. Cynthia, I am going to hire you to be my PR person when I make it big. And, to quote Blake Griffin, "Uhn-uhn. Unh-uhn. Thank YOU."

      I am having more fun than I ever imagined. Wait until you see what I'm working on. ;) All this rain works in my favor--my mail bag swells a little more with each passing day. My only rival is the rising creeks.

      What's in your mail bag? Any new projects in the works? Do you like Japanese cuisine? Sake?