Monday, May 5, 2014

This, That & The Other

The last of April's and the first of May's mail went out today. It went with me to Aaron Bros., toTexas Art Supply, to Barnes & Noble, to Cantina Laredo, to WFM, and to the postoffice. It was a good outing. Nothing got wet from my leaky Klean Kanteen or the leftover S.Pellegrino I sipped on my way home. All in all, it was a very good day.

It began with a good night. I made a treasure box before bed. You know it's from Flow, right? The book. Flow, the book, not the magazine, and I found issue four! I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

So. I did all the coloring on this little box. I colored with an eye on Game of Thrones. Oops! Don't look at the bit I missed!

Their matchboxes are larger than ours so expect to trim the template. Today I removed the lining, which happens to be the back of the Secret Garden paper. It looked a little tacky. I have seeds, a tiny envelope, and something special for inside. This is definitely not my mother's mail! Speaking of mothers, I called her today and asked what she wants for Mother's Day. She said, "A thousand dollars." I said, "Okay, send me a thousand dollars, I'll keep it for a little while and give it back to you." She had the good sense to laugh. One year my sister's boyfriend asked what she wanted for her birthday. She said, "A bag full of money!" He gave her what she asked for. He gave her a bag of pennies. She thought it was so funny. Remind me to look for the Monopoly money before I sleep. Thanks.

I worked on the pantry again after dinner. Patty, the fairy lights are working. Eight years stuck in a tub, in the dark, and they still work. That's a letter in itself.

I found a weird little ring in a an old used wet wipe box. Is a funny little thing but weird too. I have vague memories about it, they involve Erin and our old house but that's pretty much it for tonight. Por, vous, yours, are etched on the outside, sier and a distinct mark are inside. It's cheap. There's a metal taste that finds it way to the tip and the back sides of my tongue every time I put it on. The little flowers are sweet. Material for another letter. 

Anna helped me solve an old mystery that involved bricks and the Charleston Market not very long ago. I do love a mystery. I enjoy finding answers to things that make me wonder/ponder. Do you?

Yes! I found the magazine! Remember?

And there's this. I found an abandoned portrait! Wow. Wish I'd finished it. I have no idea what possessed me to . . . How did I . . . What was I thinking? These days, Alex is the only human willing to model for me. This reminds me! He wants to write his first letter this week. He wants to star in another cartoon. He wants the new dinosaurs I bought today. But they're mine. I cannot draw a dinosaur without a model! Wow. The portrait mess-up isn't that bad, huh? I feel a letter coming on. 


  1. Hey there, I look forward to reading the letter about your fairy lights. Sadly, the strand I have up went kaput, from overuse probably. Remember? They're woven throughout the lattice work above my kitchen cabinets. One day soon, when I feel brave and/or foolish enough to climb, I will attempt to take them down, clean, and put up a new set.

    1. Hey, you! Of course I remember your lights! I thought of you when I found mine. I bought them at Target about ten years ago.

      Please, please, please! No climbing for you, even if you have to wait for "K" to grow up and put up new ones for you. :D