Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Simple Things

How often do little things line up to form an arrow that points you in the direction you might go? Almost every day? I think it happens every day but we don't always pay attention. I jot down ideas, take photos to save moments for later, send myself notes and e-mails to help me remember important things. This photo is a result of trying out my birthday camera. It's not a great shot but I like my red reading glasses, the nod to Alex that's magnified by the lenses and everything else, as a matter of fact. Spring Weekend! Who knew I'd have a perfect spring weekend alone to do what needs doing? My studio is grateful.

What else did I do? I kept things simple. Scan-toss-save. Sorting through stacks of magazines, deciding which will stay or go was easier than I imagined. The Simple Things are keepers. This back cover speaks for itself. Anything mail-related stays.

I found this! Remember? Well, I'd forgotten it! I reminisced on my first break of the evening. The investment in myself paid off. I don't know how I missed the stationery freebie the first time around. Or did I? Who knows now, so I downloaded several copies, and wrote a lovely little letter between last night's shower and lights-out.

There's this again. My first lino carved block. I had no idea what I was doing, but sometimes I end up exactly where I intended, and come to a soft landing, when I fly by the seat of my pants. 

Home Sweet Home. The Simple Things. My weekend. It's been like this since Friday. Hours of hard, intense, purposeful motions followed by moments of peace and rest. Okay, as peaceful as the cats allow, but still . . .

The Simple Things Magazine is a secret pleasure. I bought two copies of the spring issue. Hopefully the other has found its way home by now. This magazine has been a secret pleasure until recently. A favorite feature is, "My day in cups of tea." People are asked to describe their day in tea. This time the question is asked of  Rowan Coleman, author of The Memory Book. Coleman lives in Hertfordshire, England. It is so close to Herefordshire I had to pause. She was asked:

Describe your neighborhood.
What do you do there?
When's your first cuppa?
What's your tea making ritual?
Favorite receptacle?
Do you trust other people to make it?
What do you have with your cuppa?

Such simple questions, yes? 

How would you describe your day in cups, if you define your day in cups? Coffee would count in this instance, although I am not a coffee fan. Too much coffee in college left me plagued with attacks of severe acid stomach. This day was refreshed with my first cup of turmeric tea. Thank you, Elle. My usual fare is a mug of English breakfast tea, lightened with Pet milk, and sweetened with turbinado sugar. I drink it from the same mug I've used for roughly seventeen years. What changed my routine? No milk. I pledged to leave the house only if absolutely necessary. So, no milk. Besides, it was time to try the turmeric. Caffeine causes fibroids. Fibroids are painful. Turmeric is better. It's been in the cabinet for two months though. Sorry, Elle. Tea change comes slowly to Limnersville.

I followed the directions for a change. Six ounces of water heated to the split second before it boils, a three minute infusion, a little honey, and I gotta tell you. It was perfect! 

My break is over. But wait. I hope you read Anna's comment on my last post. I love it when people get me to try new things, so dear Anna, I Googled corks + stamps, and guess what! You expanded my narrow vision. Look! 

Who knew? Well, everyone, except me! 

Maybe I should host a wine and cheese party? Some corks need to be popped in Limnersville! Anna, shall we swap our first cork stamp? *grinning* The sooner I finish today's cleaning the sooner I can begin. Oh, goodie! I know what I want to carve! Thank you!

Enjoy the simple things!


  1. Delightful post! I liked this one a lot. I love simple pleasures. My mail art pals and I were sending lists of our own simple pleasures to each other.....liked the photos too.

    1. Thank you! I like your idea of sharing simple pleasures lists. I wish I'd been included, but I haven't gotten back into dedicated mail art just yet. Am still answering letters from last year, and it's beginning to be fun again.

      I still miss my old Olympus. The new one and the Canon aren't my friends. Maybe I'm like Lot's wife, too busy looking back to move forward? I wish I knew, but I do like the photographs my iPad takes.

    2. We can trade simple pleasures lists any time you want...just say the word....

  2. Armed with my exacto and a few other pointy sharp things, I attempted to carve my first cork stamp. It's a tricky medium. My first try came out okay but I need a little practice I think! If the next one...or second or third one turns out then I say let's swap! I fear my skill is a bit lacking but my enthusiasm will hopefully make up for that!

    1. You give me courage. It looks easier than it is if you haven't done any carving for a while. I forgot how soft Moo and Speedy-Carve is. Simple designs morph into messes. I can't begin to imagine how well I will manage with cork. No matter. It's fun!

      I look forward to a swap with you. And I hope other carvers want to do a bit of swapping too.

      I am too timid to try my cork just yet. More practice and I might be brave enough to make the first cut tomorrow. :)

      Thank you, Anna.