Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Kindest Cut

I'm packing my bag! I'm checking it twice. Trying to determine if I've filled out the customs declarations before I head to the post office! Who likes wasting time filling those things out in line?

Each day it stretches open and wide. It's filling up nicely with boxes of goodies and long overdue letters inside. This is a week of mail. Seven letters and two postcards. So far. All the rain and flooding has worked in my favor. The more it rained, the busier I became. *wince* It was suggested that we inflate the air mattress, just in case we took on water and needed to float. I designed a cork ark instead. The numbers are all in my head.

Then sun came out this morning. So. I made a bee line to Hobby Lobby the second it was safe. Stamps are 40% off. They sell corks! And they have the best new X-acto knives and blades in stock. Cork is headstrong and fragile. The old adage I've heard chefs use is true: The sharper your knife, the less you cry. Mine is this: The sharper your knife, the more you bleed. So far, so good though. See that piece of cork on the left? Well, I sliced it, thin-thin and no problem. The mat remained unscathed. Have you tried the new X-acto Z series blade? They claim it is, "Our sharpest, most durable blade ever!" They also boast of a zirconium nitride coated blade. I don't have a clue to what that means, but there's also this: ". . . we've created a revolutionary cutting instrument with superior sharpness and strength. Try them for yourself. You'll be amazed!" I tried it. I'm amazed. I made this cork stamp in no time! It's simple. Easy. Fun.

My best stamp is made with a Woodbridge cork. It can use some tidying, okay? Is it cheating if the cork is foam wrapped in silicone or something? Who knew? Erin acted like I should have known that since cork has become rare. I imagined her doing an eye roll as she said it. And, just like Charles Barkley, I could be wrong, but I doubt it. 

Late last night, on a whim, I tried one of the erasers I picked up last year on a visit to a local Chinatown. They're so soft it's easy to make sloppy mistakes if you are a novice, like me, but the cardboard wrapper makes a great guide and an easy guard. Plus, an added bonus is the length. You get enough do-over parts to improve your skills.

Time to wrap my cork stamp and get it in the mail for Anna. I've learned something new! I had fun. I think I will make another one! And another. And another! So many corks. So little time.


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    1. You are gracious. Thank you. Who can ever be as busy as you, madam? I dove in heart first, devoted almost a week to learning a new craft and it's been fun. My investment must pay for itself, so I will never give up trying to master the art of carving cork. I owe Anna bunches. :)