Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday's Evening Post

Paper lovers, this post is for you. I had to sit on my hands to stop me from jumping the keys. This share was destined for a Saturday, which is not necessarily a day of leisure for me, but since I'm the boss of me the pantry can wait. I'm going to go with the flow, the BOOK FOR PAPER LOVERS. Y'all are paper lovers! I just know it. How many of you haunt a bookstore for the magazine? 

Not the book. This. This magazine? 

The magazine that wants you to stake your permanent claim of ownership so much so, they provide a place for your John Hancock.

It's the paper lover's magazine that prints letters from around the world, and they have a catchy title for the Flow International issues.  We've Got Mail! I read with an eye out for a name I'll recognize!  Don't you wish we had a North America version? I'd recommend Pamela for start-up queen. 

The magazine gives sweet freebies. The price is a bit sweet but I promise you will never toss an issue. There is something for everyone. I tore out the inserts for these gems the first day I bought my copy. Too bad I've forgotten where I put them for safe-keeping. I did use a couple-three of the post-its first. 

I apologize for the poor quality of the images. My camera does not work well in low light. I'm happier every time I look through it. The colors, themes, quotes, and ideas lift my mood. FLOW Magazine has something for everyone. 

If the magazine is so great then surely I must tell you how the book is on great steroids! Every page is a gem. The book overflows with creativity, no pun intended. Honest. It is simply superlative. I promise. If you buy it and decide you do not like it,  you can give it to me. Look at the thickness!

See all the papers? All those surprises? I find something new each time I thumb through the pages. There's an envelope with goodness enclosed on the very first page, for goodness sake! I want to weigh the thing but it might break my baker's scale. Stuff is just falling out all over now since I've cut and snipped a few bits for someone already.

This bothers me a little. Why dress up a child like a secretary from the fifties? Crossed legs cause varicose veins? Interrupted blow flow for sure.  The little one is almost cheeky for mercy's sake. Did they really sexualize girls even back then, or is it just me? That ole teddy is leaning in all intimate and everything, huh? And the baby on the left is a reminder of  . . . SMH! Hahaha! I need a keeper. 

There are pages and double pages of such goodies.


I am crazy for these stickers. I've used several. Now I need to draw my own version. So many possibilities, so little time!

Won't it be fun to do this?

There are cards galore and postcards a-plenty.

The back has a stash.

There's paper for letters, matching vellum envelopes, and stickers to boot. For the lovely price of $_____, you get a whole lot of loot.

There's a pop-out.

Still a hold-out? 

There's even more!

You know this is a favorite, right? Reminds me of the Harvey Keitel movie, "Monkey Trouble." That monkey wrote him the best kiss off letter in the history of cinema. I know this one is painting but I can imaginate!

Um, any idea why there's a Dutch and English Edition? Is there a  French and Italian edition? Maybe? I'm just curious. Don't want anyone left out.

And, if you're still not convinced to pick up a copy, go here:

I am so far beyond kinked! I cannot download any of the downloadables. How unfair. 

I want to be on their cover someday, too. Can you imagine doing all that intricate cutting? Don't you want to touch it? You know what I'm talking about, right, 'cause you saw what I'm talking about. Right?

No matter. I'm tired of trying to convince you to buy the paper lover's magazine and book. My neck hurts, my wrists ache, my eyes are dry, and my butt is numb. Imagine it. Three hundred pages of fun! (Not the numb butt!)

Oh! There's a place for your Jane Hancock in the book too.

Another key? There's an app for glimpses.



Spring lambs! And . . .

There should be a give-away right about here, huh? The problem with that idea is this: This gem is just too heavy for me to bear the cost of the book and the s&h. Sorry, but if I could, I would have bought five more. Go on, treat yourself. Get yours and let's have some fun.

Have a very good weekend!


  1. Wow -- I'm nominated ??? I accept!! How did I not know about this? I am zipping over to that website for sharing this, Limner.

    1. Yay!!! You are so welcome. I like me some paper, gurl, and sharing is my second middle name. :D I know you will run with FLOW.

      I'm still trying to download the postcards.

    2. Wow. I have to get one of these magabooks myself! Thanks.

    3. You won't regret it, Cynthia. The downloads are fun too. I look forward to the next magazine, but am happy making fun mail until it arrives at B&N.

      Go with the Flow!

  2. What a fabulous mag! I hope I can find it here. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The book and magazines are easier to get in the UK than here.
      The magazine itself is a treasure.

      I made a matchbox treasure box last night. Our match boxes are smaller so I had to adjust the template, but it's pretty and was fun to make. I hope you find a copy. I looked at two Barnes and Noble stores, each carried only two copies of the book.