Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oh, the Joy that Comes in My Mail!

I do enjoy me some packaging. Package Design was part of my education so don't you know I keep an eye on what fills a box. Thank you, packaging gods, for taking us beyond peanuts and plastic air bags! I photographed this protection before I made my way to the contents, but I don't want to bore you, so I ask that you  zoom in on the neat slit paper now. Oh! It deserves its own post! One thing special about Kaufmann Mercantile is the effort they put into making shopping with them feel like an investment with dividends. Let us talk about the guts some more. I promise to tell you about the contents too. Here's this about the letter opener:

Makes you wonder if the designer is a paper-cutter, doesn't it? 

The sheet does interesting things the moment you lift it away from the contents. It intrigues. You cannot help but caress the surface. You wonder, Is this paper? Kinetic sand comes to mind! Yes, that's it! Kinetic paper? Have you played with kinetic sand? Wow. Give me an Xacto blade and I have to cut myself at least once. Give it to someone younger and you get packing art. 

It's eye magic. It confuses my camera. I like it. I want to hang both pieces on my wall.

There! You see how they did it. Right? 

Moving on. I had to try this paste. It's made in Italy for paper, photos, cloths, etc.. The stuff smells good enough to eat. BRB. I forgot to take a picture of what's beneath the lid. 

This is it. It looks like white bundt cake batter, and I accidentally  left the pastry brush in the hole, right? I promise you, it smells like it should be eaten. And, yes, I ate paste when I was a kid. It lasted as long as it took for my mama to catch me at it. Please tell me you ate some too.

Here's the handle of my new pewter letter opener. Yes, I tried it. It does a better job than the other ornate opener. This one will get the job done. Mother's Day is a lovely invention, yes? 

Here's where the other interesting parts come in. The pewter marks. Yes! I spent some minutes Googling these. The knife is hand forged. Aha! Hand forged. And those marks mean something. The W, 92, the triangle with . . . I need my loupe here, and I don't know what the last mark is, but have no fear, I will find out. So, who knew that years after I read about Sheffield pewter in Smithsonian Magazine, I'd end up with this beauty? 

And that paste? My grandmother and my aunts taught me how to make flour paste. I didn't eat it. Not after I tasted it! I doubt anything will replace the bookbinder's glue I like, but I will never forget how exciting it was to hear the UPS truck . . . Oops. My joy came via a big brown truck. Not the USPS. But wait! The knife and glue had to have spent some time in the mail. Right? Please tell me I'm right. Or, must I change the title?

Letter openers, paste, paper, pen, ink? It's all relative. Write on.


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    1. It's not just another beautiful face in a crowd either. It works beautifully too. :)

  2. That's Geami wrapping paper. It's good stuff.