Monday, May 26, 2014

It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Carved March 6, 2012. Forgotten. Cracked. Still loved. My first intricate carve. Prints nicely.

MOO CARVE. Untried. Until yesterday.

Another set. Unused. Removed contents from box, discovered why,  not willing to risk use. Tray has future in trash.

Speedball tries to reinvent itself and isn't always successful. Their original tools were like everything Sears. Workhorses, all. Built to last. Now they, Speedball tools live in the land of Not Made in the USA, where everything is cheap, shoddy, made with unsafe materials, and plastic rules. My old carving tool is made with durable rubber.  Nothing in the kit made me itch, sneeze, burn, cough, or wheeze. The heft and fit were perfect for every palm.

We are under a tornado alert. It was raining when I opened my eyes to greet the day. It's been steady. There have been lulls. This is the type of rain we called angel tears when we were kids and believed in fairy tales about angels weeping when we were bad. Well, the heavens just opened up so there must be millions of kids acting up together in Texas! Rain! Glorious rain! I feel for all the people beaching it in Galveston. To all the smokers who have to cancel your barbecues? Save our lungs! To all the good little children who aren't making the angels cry, The parades will be just as much fun next year! Oh. And there will be fewer family feuds reported on tonight's news. Meanwhile, fun continues in Limnersville.

Old wine was uncorked with an aim to re-purpose one lovely cork. Erin and JC make fun of me for holding onto wine from the holidays, but I am one smart re-purposer. I save the bottles for my bottle tree. My grandmother Annie I hung empty bottles from the catalpa tree; the wind made flutey music when it swept through. We thought it was magic. I've read how ancient ancestors claimed the bottles trapped spirits of the dead. Well, the way this bottle smells makes me think it wouldn't take much to attract many wayward spirits. The fruity smell is as pungent as I remember it last Thanksgiving Day. I imagine the smell will remind me of today every time I use my cork stamp in the future.

2007. It was a very good year? A good year for the grapes? Cork too! I think the other end might be better suited for my purpose. 

I like the logo! I'd like to say the label is ours, but our muscadine vine do not a vineyard make. But my future stamp already bears my name. How cool is that?

It's all coming back to me now! What else needs rediscovering?