Thursday, May 22, 2014

Going with the FLOW!

It's here. FLOW flowed on in to Houston, blew into Katy and landed in my mailbox today. The white envelope is filthy and torn in serious places, but thankfully the magazine is intact and pristine. Houston, the FLOW has landed.

On my way to do my grocery shopping yesterday, I stopped by the B&N off Westheimer and SH Hwy 6. You know I had to stop, don't you? And as luck would have it, the lone bookseller was opening the first box of nine, on a trolley filled with new magazines. Trying to be inconspicuous, I leaned against a table and nonchalantly thumbed through a book, and held my breath for long beats of my heart as I eyed him remove banded stacks and checked the enclosed invoice. 

He was on to me though, because although I was not the only one near the front of the store, he asked if he could help me. Me, specifically. I took a deep breath, closed the book, and bravely asked if there was any way he could tell if the new FLOW Magazine was in any of those boxes. Without missing a beat he told me that yes indeed there was, and if I would just follow him over to the register . . . Guess who apologized and said they were asking for too much. Said they would come back after shopping, all the while hoping it wasn't too good to be true. (Am kicking myself now.) The good bookseller insisted it was not a problem, keyed in the correct words and there it was: All the information he needed to tell me that they sold FLOW and . . . Okay. Just because it wasn't on their inventory for the current shipment did not mean anything. So, the kind person opened all those boxes, checked the invoices against the contents, shifted the boxes from the trolley to the floor, and did it with a little dance. Of course the magazine wasn't in any of the boxes. Has anyone ever gone out of their way for you? 

Did we miss Issue 1? Well, oui!

On the flip side there's this. A FREE download? Where? Show me. I want one. I need something free. And why use the air mail tease? Just for that I am going to check it out. Hope you will too, and I promise to show you more of what came in my new FLOW. I know I'm not the only paper lover who reads it. Where's yours?

P.S.  This is FLOW's Pensive Purple paper. It's prettier in real time. Aren't the names as exciting as the ones in the big box of Crayola Crayons?

PPS. This just in:

This will be another big mistake on the part of the USPS if they get their way. Those cluster boxes are cheap plastic problems. There is zero upkeep. They break, crack, one often needs a degree from Houdini U to get the key to work after parts shift because of heat and cold. People use the large boxes meant for packages as junk mail receptacles. The mail carrier then leaves all packages on the front porch. Of course thieves come strolling by, especially during the holidays, and your packages are gone in the wind. Local news reporters do stories on the dilemma at least twice a year. Do you think anything has changed? The USPS never admits making mistakes. Cluster boxes are as bad as cluster bombs.

Care to guess how many in our neighborhood have post office boxes? And guess what. The post office has run out of boxes! The waiting list gathers dust daily. If you want to stop the cluster trend, PLEASE write a letter and holler "NO!"

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