Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Open Letter from Paper

I am fond of paper. I am here--in part anyway-- because of it. My mama and daddy got written permission to marry. A lot of ink, paper, and signatures were involved. The same helped usher me into the world when Mama checked herself into the hospital for my delivery. The sole of my foot was inked and it became my first personal stamp. The proof is on my birth certificate. Now I have several stamps that bear my mail address, and I still leave my prints on paper.

Can you imagine the paper trail we've left in our wake? Have you considered the role paper plays in weaving  the fabric of our lives? You have? No, you haven't? Well, take a moment and check out Paper's view of things in, "A Letter from Paper." Follow all those links! The things you discover might make you rethink the value of your paper.

What did you think? Aren't you smart? Aren't you wise? We're way ahead of those people who don't leave a personal paper trail that matters more than death and taxes. We help keep Paper alive. I majored in Ad Design back in art school, so I do like a slick ad. You do too. I know you do. Ads encourage us to buy the lovely paper, pens and inks we cannot do without. Ads and words on paper are the reasons I gently tear apart magazines and newspapers, simply because they appeal to my sense of something-or-other. But, I discovered my fondness for Domtar's PAPER because campaign. I collect their ads. Here's one:

I'm telling you this is clever. 

And there's this. The two are halves of a single photograph. Lovely books. Beneath the image, and before the logo is this:

The first book ever published was the Gutenberg Bible. Printed in the 1450s, 21 complete copies still exist today, 550 years later. To make a lasting impression, print on paper --Domtar paper. Learn more at

What's more clever than a letter from Paper? It has to be clever and effective, since the ad has been been around since 2009, at least. 

Paper went out from Katy today!

Reply to Paper and write on! Because it's true. "Bringing in the mail is one of the few things we all still have in common." But, then again, so is sending out some mail. And we're so good at it. Right? 


  1. I can't decide if I love sending or receiving mail more. Maybe a slight edge towards sending because of the creative element.

    1. I am an equal opportunist myself. A good letter inspires and earns an equal response. Or numerous responses, depending on the content. I get some good mail and I try to reciprocate. I often fall short but it's not because I don't try. :)

      May your mail box runneth over, Cynthia!