Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Saturday Evening Post

I took a quick photo to help me remember the idea that flashed and lit up my light bulb's filaments. It was the title! You get it, right? Never mind if you don't. I tend to need memory aids myself. I didn't want to forget to tell Anna about this book though. Too many thoughts chasing each other like a kitten chasing its tail tend to overload my circuits now, so I am grateful for the iPhone. 

I didn't thumb through The Vintage Teacup Club because there were too many books cradled in my arm already, and who needs temptation when their book budget is strained? However, I didn't forget, so here we are. Remember yesterday? I told you about Gertie's stamps. Well, the thought of a-stamp-a-day and The Vintage Teacup Club chased themselves back to handmade stamps, and handmade stamps led me to the idea of a Stamp Carver's Club. Of sorts. Okay, maybe not a stamp club but a stamp swap? 

I wish I could make a stamp a day for a year, but I'm not even trying to fool myself. Guess who didn't make it through the mail art 365 challenge. Or the letter-a-day challenge for that matter. Is a stamp a month possible?. Hmm. Probably not. Chances are good that I'd forget, or make a bunch and forget to send them. 

 This is my last attempt at stamp carving.

I found my tools.

I am a Speedball woman.

Speedball made it so easy to transition from hard lino to the soft stuff. Stamps are easy, right? Some of you are pros. I remember when Patty over at Just Letter Rip made a stamp from a pencil eraser. I thought that was so cool and had sense enough to know not to try it too. The idea of making a stamp and swapping with an unknown recipient stuck in my head, and made me grin. I am still grinning.

This is how I envision it:

1) If you want to play simply give me your name and address.
2) Your name will go on the Stamp Club List.
2) Make a small stamp.
3) Send it to the "mate" chosen for you, and . . .
4) We all get a new stamp! It's fun. 

If you're new at carving stamps read Gertie's post here: 

Or, simply buy a Speedball kit. They come with easy to follow instructions, and everything you need to make your first stamp. 

There's a give-away involved. 

(  to be continued . . .


  1. The Vintage Teacup Club sounds interesting, I'll have to look for that when I go into town next week. I still haven't found Flow magazine yet, but I haven't given up hope!
    I've never carved a stamp, the last time I used lino was in the 8th grade! But, never say never, I may just have a go if I can find the right supplies. I need to make my way over to Gertie's and take some notes. I have a bunch of corks, do you think they could be carved?

    1. I took the quick photo when I thought of you. The quality isn't good but my intentions were.

      I Googled the title and read excerpts last night. It is not my cup of tea, however, your comments inspired my next post.

      You are my muse for the day. Thank you!