Friday, May 2, 2014

A Letter Writer's Anatomy 101

This has to be one of my favorite envelopes. I've held on to it for well over a year. I'm a paper hoarder! Or, I like it just that much. It tells a rather intimate story. Maybe? 

Now I wish I'd titled this post "Anatomy of a Relationship."
What about The Anatomy of a Pen-ship?

I wish I'd drawn this myself. I wish I'd had the original idea!

I wish I had enough images to make more envelopes.
I wish I'd made stationery to match.

I wish I knew why the first skeleton has no arms.

The anatomy of friendship is rather like the anatomy of any relationship, don't you think? Well, yeah. 

The anatomy of correspondence is akin to the anatomy of any conversation, yes? Well, yeah again.

I wish I could hear your interpretations of what's going on between these two.

If wishes were horses . . . I'd have to walk forever.

If wishes were horses I'd have to walk forever because I'd never get my wishes right.


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    1. Hey! Wish I had one for you too. I want to pinch myself for tossing all those Drawing Magazine subscription cards. :)