Monday, April 14, 2014

Writing Up a Storm

This is the view through the window behind the desk in the room where I write. Everything is low key and drab on this Monday afternoon. It's been this way all day. We've had intermittent rain, gusts of wind and thunderstorm warning. I'm just grateful for the water. 

Being confined, I thought I'd write up a storm. Instead, between beating a path between the front and back door, I've bent a few slats in the Venetian blinds like a kid looking for the Easter Bunny. I know it's futile, but still and all, I am expectant. I checked the mail at twelve fifteen, and behold! There was mail. So I sat myself down with pen and stationery and . . . Nothing. I cannot seem to concentrate. Can't focus. I want to go outside. In the rain. It took a single bolt of lightning to dissuade me. So here I sit when I should be starting dinner. It's forty-seven degrees in Katy. I can make vegetable soup but I don't feel like cooking. I am cooked-out. Do you ever wonder how many meals you have left in you?  I do. It makes me want to scream. 

Okay. A letter a day. Will a postcard do? I chose Dore's "The Gnarled Monster," thinking it was a bird in need of a manicure. Besides, it looks like I feel. Funny. Not ha-ha funny. Well maybe just a little. That human represents the world looking back at me. Now that's funny! No. Sorry. The man with the sword is common sense looking at me, and the owls are the world looking and not understanding. Yes, that's it. I should do something before those tentacles wrap around me and squeeze.

So look! This is an amazing postcard from Elle. She sent it awhile back. I couldn't archive it just yet. It's from Sugar's Wood Crafts, USA.

It's wood! I'm tempted to weigh it but won't. It is one of the loveliest things. Thank you, dear Elle. I thought of this yesterday when I saw a monarch butterfly back from its vacation. If I ever make my time capsule this will be included.

Again. Three pieces of mail in three days. Plus a box. That's not bad, right? I have a good excuse for not penning today. It's the weather. Do your pens act up when the humidity is ninety-four percent? Mine do. Not a good excuse? Hmm.

I'm surrounded with prompts. Okay, I'll try. I will write now because it's so natural and easy. But wait! The rain has stopped! The sky is bright! There's a dove on the lattice just outside my window. Wait again. This just in from Doodlemum: He-Man passed on. He's gone. Now I want to cry. Poor, poor chicken. I wonder if he ever met the Fat Chick. I'll write all about his passing in tonight's letter. *sigh* Maybe I'll write up another storm.

P. S. Who else saw "Game of Throne's" major surprise last night? Hmm. The sun is shining! How bright is my world? It's the brightest! Oh! And don't forget to watch the moon tonight!


  1. I have those days, too. Ones where I have nothing to say that's worth wasting some ink and paper, not to mention a postage stamp. But the words show up again eventually and I'm off and running once again. Your wooden postcard is so cool. Funny that it is from Mt. Mitchell. I will explain more of that in my upcoming letter to you :-)

    1. Jackie, you are right. Last night I printed four letters. I liken it to a bottle neck effect. One letter uncorked three and a fourth is still in limbo. I mailed eight pieces of mail and sent a box of goodness on its way. The post office was choked the first time, so I did some major food shopping and swung by again on my way home. I forgot it was April 15!

      Anticipation is like an elixir! :)