Monday, April 21, 2014

What's In My Out Box

I can't write at the moment because I'm too busy patting myself on the back. I have managed to write twenty-one days worth of letters.  If you add them and assign one to each day of this month it comes to twenty one, and this is the twenty-first penned piece! Okay, I penned the envelope. The letter, all two pages worth are typed using the Times 12 point font. Clever-clever use of my red paste pot, huh? 

I'm as busy as the bumblebees I've been ducking and dodging the last few weeks. They need to check their flight patterns or something because they fly like they're confused. I wonder if the cool temps had anything to do with it. Too bad they won't stay long enough to be photographed! 

I came across a thing of note yesterday. Or Saturday. I forget which but I saved the link for you. I like gadgets and unusual little inventions. My pen money is spent on more unrelated goodies than you might imagine, but you'll understand my secret penchant for some of the unnecessary little things in life. Like this:

I tried to order one but they've sold out the size I wanted. Yes, I use twine on occasion and when I do, and need to cut it, I use my Swiss Army Knife, or a kitchen knife. But don't you think this is worth having? Just as a conversation piece? Alex and I could talk for a good thirty minutes about this little gem if I had it, so mine are on backorder. Alex and I will try it out too. I think of my friends all the time! Just like I thought of y'all when I read the piece about how this knife came to be realized, patented and popular. I mean, who knew? Did you? 

There's one letter in my out box, and a lovely story at the end of that link. I hope you'll read about it. Read on.

Write on!

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