Monday, April 7, 2014

What Once Was Lost Has Now Been Found

I am supposed to be watching Abe Lincoln Vampier Slayer, for the umpteenth time, while reading the Sunday Times. There was only time for the Book Review today. I did not have the leisure to enjoy of filling the bed with inked pages and cats, so I saved the "news" for after the Bletchley Circle, Game of Thrones, and Shameless.  I do wish I'd gotten to it earlier though. Lighting is poor at night in my little room but I want to share this with you now, then you can read it tomorrow over your Monday tea or coffee break. Here's the link: 

Do you watch Jimmy Fallon? I do. Or I do now. Initially, I was a Letterman watcher but lately he seems to be more of a crotchety old dude who needs a glass of warm milk and an early bedtime than a late night entertainer. Oh? He's always been like that? Hmm. Never cared for Kimmel, Craig Ferguson is often just too silly-giggly, Leno was unlikable, and Conan still scares the heck out of me. I feel about him the way some people feel about clowns. He reminds me of a cockerel that comes to life in the closet when the lights go off, so when I cannot sleep and my book isn't helping, I watch the late night "funny men." Fallon's foolishness makes me laugh out loud for real (lolfr). When I get it. And he's talented. Entertaining. That's the best word for why I catch his routine when there is nothing else . . . Okay, moving on.

The lovely bicycle thank-you notes are from my lovely friend, Angela. Aren't they perfect for spring? Is also a reminder to ask for a bike on my birthday. And a helmet.

So, I fell for Fallon the first night I watched him write his thank-you notes. He won me over with that little skit. And the fact that he "uses" a lovely pen. What has me up this late is the title, "The Found Art of Thank-you Notes! Hallelujah and Amen! My sphincter muscle tightens every time I read or hear about the LOST art of writing with pen and ink, and using a stamped envelope. The  arts of communicating with pen and paper are lost to those are lost. We, the letter-postcard-thankyou note writers are never lost. Are we? 

Remember back when Ellen asked her viewing audience to write to her? Well, I wrote the show and asked when was the last time she wrote a letter. You know I never received a response, right? It gets my goat when I hear people who don't even write checks these days to weigh in on what we do so well: Correspondence and mail art! 

Back to Fallon again. I am so anal, I fret over those wasted thank-you notes he uses as props! Laugh with me, at me, okay? 'Cause some of his notes are funny enough to make me forget it's just humor. My favorite here is "Thank you, cotton candy for making my grandmother's hair look delicious." I especially like his wind-up before putting pen to paper. That, my friends, is funny.

Go on. Read the piece and tell me what you think. I won't spoil anything for you by sharing more quotes from the article. Read, and let's have a discussion. Then we must write to Mr. Fallon. We must write him thank-you notes in return! 

Write on! 

Oops! I slipped. I'm signing off with this special quote:
Where messages in an inbox look little different from spam, a tidy square in a mailbox crammed with bills commands attention. So does the vision of that other anachronism: penmanship. 

Hold on to that word penmanship.

Now, write on!


  1. I thought the article was quite good and I hope it encourages people to write more often. I used to watch Jimmy Fallon all the time and I also worried about those discarded notes! Did you see that Letterman is retiring? It's about time, I think. I had to laugh when you described your dislike for Conan because I feel exactly the same way. Is he wearing a mask? He's just scary and not the least bit funny.

    But back to the subject at hand. I applaud Ms. Gelderman for writing her thank you notes. I gifted a bride with a set of handmade thank you notes a few years ago and strangely never GOT a thank you note for them, or any other sort of acknowledgement. I enjoy every single letter I write and so do the folks with which I correspond. All we can do is keep on writing and spreading the love, right?

    Thank goodness for websites like, The Letter Writers' Alliance, and many others.

    1. Hey, Jackie! Glad you liked the piece, too. I should write to Gelderman before I write to Fallon. I clipped the article for my journal so the least I can do is do the right thing.

      I heard Letterman's retirement announcement. He and Barbara Walters feel a little out of sync with modern culture. Dave sometimes comes across as just a mean and grouchy old man.

      You allowed me to exhale with your comment. Felt like you hugged me! I thought I was the only one on the planet who was disturbed by Conan. Very little frightens me but he scares me on a primal level.

      I gave my niece thank-you cards once and she never acknowledged receipt and never used them. The bride should have felt special after such a gift, but not everyone is etiquette savvy.

      Heck! I can put all this in a letter. Expect one soon. I'm having to use a wp lately because of tendonitis. My handwriting is barely legible of late.

      See you in the mail!

  2. Sigh. I send notes and letters to my family and friends, who acknowledge the correspondence then don't write back. But thankfully there is a community (such as this blog and others) where strangers become friends and have really enriched my life.

    I love the bike notecard and yes, wear a helmet. I am still cruising around on my 1983 Puch Alpina... now it is labeled "vintage". Does that mean I am "vintage" too?

    1. Hey, Cynthia! Try not to despair. If anyone on my large family ever sent a note or saints-be-praised, a letter, I would faint and hit my head. They tell me they don't write letters but love getting letters, so what can I say? They call me while I am not into lengthy phone conversations. SMH.

      I cannot write a good letter unless I have something to say, and I am so not good at making small talk. I would rather have a good letter than an envelope with filler. Duty letters aren't half as good as a sincere letter, don't you think?

      Oh! And sometimes life is rough, sad and depressing. I just won't write any more if I'm down in life's pit. If I'm happy and I know, I will really try to show it in a letter. :D

      You know I had to google Puch Alp[ina, right? Okay! I'll tell you about it in a letter. ;)

      Write on, girl!