Tuesday, April 1, 2014

They're Ba-a-ack!

Yes, the rumors are true. They are back! And everyone is leaving town! Any way possible! I seem to be the last survivor left in Katy. Anyone who did not make a run for it yesterday were horribly savaged and eaten. There are bones and blood everywhere.

Those who were fortunate to still have horses are the ones who stand the strongest chance of surviving. All fossil fuel methods of transportation mysteriously stalled. Some said it was revenge against the machine and man for ravaging the graveyards and tar pits, others called it superstitious nonsense. I just scratched my head because it made no sense either way but I am determined to survive. What happened? Was it another comet? And, why? What will we do now? How will we survive without cars, trucks, planes and trains? No, trains do not need fossil fuels, right? Wait!

I am not the sole survivor of our town! This man made it past state highway six. How did he get here? Is he alone? Could there be more survivors in Houston? And why is this fool defiant? Why isn't he afraid of these behemoths? Is he insane? Wait! I hear screams! Is it a woman or a child? I cannot help them for fear of giving away my position.

What madness is this? 

Oh. I see. It's April Foolishness!
Happy April Fool's Day!


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    1. I like your photo!

      Thanks. I forgot it was April One Day so had to hustle.