Friday, April 11, 2014

One Down, Tens to Go!

I did it. I wrote a single letter last night. In fonts larger than fourteen points it came to three pages, but I reduced it to the comfortable twelve points and ended up with two. It was fun. It practically wrote itself because it's not handwritten. My penmanship has suffered this year; it is much worse than last year but my signature is still legible. I am grateful for my Pages word processor and printer. Hallelujah for fountain pens though! They make everyone's writing look better.

I like my little props. The health stamp is part of a trio I bought a few years back. I wish everyone good health. The pen is my first really nice fountain pen. Erin gave it to me over eight years ago for my birthday. I didn't use it for close to a year. I was so intimidated! It's heavy and needs a strong wrist. My hands still cramp if I don't use it frequently and I like it even more than the first day it became mine. 

The blue moth represents the luna pupa I sacrificed this afternoon, quite accidentally, and rescued (what was left) from the horrible ants that ate it some it it from the inside out. I uncovered it in the raised cedar bed when I weeded around the potatoes, thinking I'd take photos and return it to its rightful place. Well, the wind blew it to the ground and I put it in the bed with the irises. Ants attacked while my back was turned. I am sorry enough that I might write about it in tonight's letter. Be forewarned!

I might write about my good friend, Alex as well. We talked through the fence again today. He's been banned from coming over for a while, and as part of his punishment he can talk to me for only two minutes at a time. No matter. In less than two minutes I was able to pass him a new dinosaur skeleton through a space in the fence. Oh. A less than ripe blackberry. And a fortune cookie! 

He and I share a mutual interest in dinosaurs. Okay, it borders on obsession with him but I'm fascinated and buy those gum ball eggs with dino skeletons inside. There's an interesting article in today's news about the T-rex on its way to the Smithsonian. I want to say I can't wait for the Smithsonian Magazine to publish a grand spread about it, but of course I can wait. I saved the news story for Alex though since he has a hard time waiting for anything. I'll print it and give it to him tomorrow. There's an awesome shot of the skull I know he'll think is cool.

I mailed eleven pieces of mail day before yesterday. I wrote one letter last night. Another one goes down tonight. One a day is easy. So much to say, so little time to say it in!

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