Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oh, the Surprise that Comes Under Cover!

Oh, the surprise that comes under the cover of stamps! This is the view that greeted me on my birthday. What a way to start a day, yes? I dreamed of spreading my favorite quilt in the middle of such beauty. In my dream there are no ants, crawly bugs or  flies--only joy, peace, and good feelings. I imagined my white quilt, the one with the big ink stain,  spread just beneath the tree limb in the middle of this shot, and a little to the left. There's a basket nearby filled with my favorite things: 

a)  a box of the delicious violet candy Anna introduced me to
b)  my favorite bottle of water, chilled
c)  seaweed salad with just enough red pepper flakes
d)  an avocado sandwich, halved on an angle
e)  a copy of The Prodigal Son
f)  an Olympus Stylus I camera
g)  and everything I might have forgotten that would make my   dream perfect. (I have dream insurance.)

Parts of my dream came true on Monday! Honestly, I couldn't make this up if I tried. The doorbell rang and I thought it was Alex. It was the mailman! He'd left a box on the doorstep. For me! And you'll never guess what was inside!

No! Not tea! A basket!

A picnic basket! Thought I'd faint like those little fainting goats, but ain't nobody got time for that, so I grabbed my camera and commenced to shooting! Life is a Picnic, indeed. I like that. Life is a picnic and sometimes it gets a little rain, a few ants, bees, hornets, allergens, a rocky ground, wind strong enough to pick up a blanket, a little grit in the sammiches, some warm lemonade, and a whole lot of fun. This is just so lovely, dear Anna. 

You thought of everything! I love my plate. It's perfectly perfect in every way. The flowers look as if they're fresh from my own garden; they're in my favorite colors, too.

You really did think of everything! There's good food. How did you know I'm a tuna-liker from way back? I'll enjoy trying it infused with basil. Yum!

A lovely linen napkin just for me!

There's this perfectly stitched piece of magic, too. I imagine it spread across my lap. And that's where the imagery stops since I know I'll never risk staining it. I prefer to look, and caress, and not make a mess. I do love exquisite fabrics. I buy yards of amazing cloth, knowing I will never use it unless a miracle happens, or Erin inherits.

No, I won't show everything, but yes! There's flatware too. I do eat with my fingers on occasion. Some foods beg fingers. Like the seaweed salad? "Yum!" says my index finger and thumb! If I could, we'd all have a perfect picnic together. If you could, would you choose my backyard, a local park, or a beach in Galveston?


Dear Anna,

Thank you for the perfect birthday gift, again. When I think you've outdone yourself, you fool me all over again. How did you know? Remember what I said about spreading a quilt in that beautiful space? I never dreamed you were way ahead of me. Can you read my mind? I am planning a picnic! Photos will capture the day. 

Thank you, with my whole heart. You are one of a kind and I love you. I think you know me.

Sincerely sincere,



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    1. Thank you. I hope yours was wonderful too!

  2. Replies
    1. For real. I keep taking everything out, examining and wondering, and putting it all back. :)

  3. Dear Limner,
    The pleasure was all mine. I saw that wicker basket and thought of you immediately. I'm happy everything arrived in tact, but most of all it made you smile. I hope you'll enjoy the gift for a long time.

    1. {{{Anna}}} I consider your lovely gift a treasure. I think Alex and I will have a picnic soon. Thanks forever.