Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mission Re-Write! Or, The Magna Carta Hit Houston!

It's hard to believe I haven't posted in three days. I compose in my head all day long, be it letter or be it a post, and lately I've been living up to my hype. I write. Okay, I type. 

At least I write. Right? I think: Tea on the patio will make answering a letter from-you-to-me as easy as writing can ever be. I know! It's poor rhyme, but give me a little time! Two cups in a pot,  I'll have it outdoors and writing what I'm thinking won't feel like a chore. It hasn't happened all week! It's so humid the paper curls. Ink bleeds. Tea cools too soon. But I am on a mission. Plus I figure the right atmosphere is conducive to relaxed letter-writing. It did not work today, so I hit the trail. It took me fifty-six minutes to walk two point six miles. I took a new route today. I took note of each and every step. I discovered a new avian resident fishing in the bayou. Note to self: Google "adolescent blue heron."  Take advantage of Cornell Lab of Ornithology while at it. Membership comes with privileges.

Aha! The right tool. Problem solved? 

Not quite. I have to re-learn how to write. If you've had to read my chicken scratch lately, you know what I mean. Blind-woman-writing is how it seems! Shaky, snaky, scribbled loops. Too many scratch throughs and plenty of "Oops!" Such a mess of words I make. Even I have to bow my head in shame and shake-shake-shake it in dismay. Learn how to write again I must. It's re-learn, type forever, or go bust. Use it or lose it! So sad but true.

Okay. Enough. Here's the deal. My penmanship really does look like chicken scratch. There's a type of physical therapy for everyone. For real. So, I am on a mission to . . . Dang it! Jimmy Fallon is on. I can't type for watching. I try not to laugh because it makes me lose my train of . . . Shucks! Commercial please?

The Magna Carta hit Houston! Hey, Anna? It's here. And that Italic handwriting is simply contagious. You make it seem effortless but I know better. I know better 'cause I'm learning how to write all over again. Well, kinda. I'm into the ABCs of it. The 123s of it. I am on a personal Mission Possible. Mission Re-Write. How far have I gotten? Well . . . See that pencil? It's like we're going steady. We're like hooked at the hip. Maybe fingertips? 

Write on, write on! I've done at least a letter a day since this month rolled in. It's easy to do, so I hope you will too. What's your tally sheet like? And don't forget Earth Day! And Jimmy Fallon! Write on.

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