Saturday, April 26, 2014

Another Saturday Evening Post

Here is another Saturday evening and I'm ready to post again. I've done most of my chores. I'm entitled to a break. It translated to  watching San Antonio work too hard to score each basket against Dallas. Mina and I used to talk smack during NBA playoffs. I won our last bet. I won most of our bets. Now no one is willing to risk betting against me this year. I don't know why either since every team I root for loses now. So, not wanting to jinx SA I'm watching over my left shoulder as I write.

Here we go. I aged by another year yesterday. Alexis' friend how old I am. When I said "I'm twelve" Alexix shook his head, rolled his eyes and reminded me, "No. Remember? You're twenty-one." I took it. Besides, my six year old friend thinks his fifteen year old sister is old, so twenty-one is a stretch for him. I didn't remind him that I was twenty-one last year, too. I rewarded him with half my birthday cake. He shared with two friends, two sisters, his father and chances are huge that Blackie and Lucky, the Chihuahuas, ate some too. 

(Thank you, EC.)

I have a hard time remembering birthdays, even when I buy a bunch of cards for future dates. My birthday was never a big deal when I was growing up, but it changed after I became a wife and mother. Somewhat. My mom hasn't given me a gift or card since o'possums became possums, but I keep right on having birthdays. No big deal right? Did she call yesterday? No. Did I have a lovely celebration? Yes. Children can make up for a lot of losses. If I forget remind me to tell you about the flowers tomorrow, okay. 

(Thank you, Angela.)

Angela shared her personal take on birthdays in a lovely letter, and I'm going to try to adopt it as my own, since I'm good at reminding others who've given up on celebrating themselves being in the world. I do believe we should be happy that we're here. Don't you? And don't you agree that "the secret to life is enjoying the ride?" It's one of the secrets at least.

Wow! San Antonio is keeping up! I like both teams. Except when they play the Rockets. Last year JC asked if I'd watch them, the Rockets, play if he could get tickets. I thankfully declined. We'd need security to walk us to our cars after the game if we went. Anyhow . . .

Apologies for the poor lighting, but cute translates in any light. I am an etegami fan. I should practice more, and I will. As soon as I've gotten my house and yards in order. These little itty bitty babies are just perfect. 

So is the little mark. Thank you some more, Angela. I Googled, thinking I'd order a set. It didn't happen.

Oh! Oh! Oh! The game is tied at 106! 

Pun intended! From Anna. Dear Anna, thanks for the daffodils! And the mail, the mail art, and for remembering even when I forget.

Thanks, too, for reminding me to be the queen bee of my little world. Oh, dear. San Antonio just lost by one. Dallas wins. Vince Carter made an impossible beat-the-buzzer three points that gave them a single point win. Oh, well, I'm still made it through another year on the planet. And . . .

(to be continued . . .


  1. Belated Happy "21st" Birthday wishes! I've been 29 for quite awhile now. ;-)

    1. Thank you! :D I was stuck on 28 until recently. Now I feel like I'm 38. I just pretend to be 21 with Alex. I am so flexible.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm happy to hear that you had a delightful day. Why not be 21 again next year, too?

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I think Alex might understand by then. Another 21 will have worn out its welcome. He'll be seven. ;)