Sunday, April 13, 2014

An Open Letter to Y'all or Heads or Tales

April 13, 2014

Dear Y'all,

This is my day off but you are with me even now. I'm trapped indoors because it's an aggravating-weather day, and all I can do is read the paper in front of the window before my little desk. The panes are smeared with just enough rain to make things look obscure and distorted. I wish it would go on and rain. What's sticking to the glass cannot even be dignified by calling it a drizzle. Hey! Mom Nature, get it over with! We need every drop that's missing.

Still and all, a disagreeable day allows me to linger over the paper and a mug of tea. I google words and titles to expand my understanding of stories and words that are unfamiliar or intriguing enough to warrant investigation. Reading the Sunday Times can go on for hours. I don't necessarily read the entire thing through in one sitting, however. I peruse the Book Review first thing. Always. It's like eating the inside of an Oreo first. I promise you it is just that good to me. Although I gave up Oreos. Again.

Today's Book Review is a SPECAL ISSUE. Oh, but I am savoring it like I would a double stuf Oreo! Oh! It's called stuff! Well, stuf. It's man-made so they cannot call it s-t-u-f-f, 'cause if they did they might have to tell us what's in the stuff. Please don't let it still be Crisco and powdered sugar. Mmmm! Gagging gently.

My favorite read in todays Book Review is SKETCHBOOK, Heads or Tails, by Chris Ware. He is the author of  the graphic novel, Building Stories. I have clipped several of his stories and slip them into envelopes I glue to a page of my current journal. Do you ever make a mess addressing a lovely envelope and cannot bear to waste it? You do? Here's what I do.

Adhere it to a page of my journal. Such a lovely envelope. Could you toss it? See that bit of tape up top, with the blue heart? It's a leftover from the previous page. Waste not, want not, yes?

Inside is just as lovely and it's the perfect safe-keeper for secrets and special bits. Moisten the flap and glue your secrets if that's what you prefer, otherwise gently tuck it inside the body and you can revisit your treasure as often as you like. Tuck a token inside. I often include a dried flower, ticket stubs, photographs and whatnot.

Wish I didn't have to fold today's treasure because creases just are not right for Ware's masterpiece. Still and all it's better than nothing and this story took me a long way back. It took me back to when I was a little girl, and getting a penny was such a big deal. My parents taught me about wheaties. Bet yours did too. 

I felt so special when I became the owner of a shiny new penny. One penny bought a lot back then, and they made a safe, satisfying thunk when they hit the bottom of a piggy bank. Before I decided to save it or spend it, I clutched my new acquisition with a death grip that made my palms sweat and cramp until I had to give in to Mama's "Do you want me to hold it for you? I can put it in my pocket book." I refused at first but always, always gave in eventually. I taste that coppery smell of a wet penny right now, even as I tell you about it. Isn't memory a funny thing? I want you to awaken your memories of pennies, and think about how close and connected we really are through memories. Stories are powerful things, and graphic novels are stories on steroids. Read on. And why not drop Chris Ware a little thank-you note for the trip down memory lane? Here's a link:

Write to Chris Ware here:
P.O. Box 48056
Montreal QC
H2V 4S8 Canada

Be well.

Sincerely sincere,


P.S. When you were young and had to flip a coin, did you use a penny? We always used a nickel since most of us rarely chanced having a quarter in our pocket. Sometimes one of us rushed inside to grab a coin but we would never risk losing so much money!


  1. I love this journal idea! Thanks for posting!

  2. Glad that you do! Thanks for reading my post!

  3. Limner -- I see you are blogging again and that must mean you are feeling better! Welcome back. And -- oh! - what a beautiful envelope. No way should you throw that beauty away. That is a good idea to stick it in a journal. I will have to check out that book. Happy Spring and Happy Mail to you--PG

    1. Pamela! Yes, I am much better. Almost wrote "I feel better." But I am better. Thank you.

      I bought the stationery because I was inspired by two pen friends who use it. I grin when I see one of the envelopes in my mail box, and I'm happy because there's a lovely subliminal message delivered along with their letter. I haven't tried to uncover the message though. I just go with it.

      Ware's book is expensive at $50 but so much goes into his work. The illustrations alone are worth the price tag. I hope I get a copy for Mother's Day or my b'day.

      Happy Spring and Happy Mail to you! You are amazing.

      Be well.