Friday, March 28, 2014

Love Signs, Omens & Letters

Laugh if you will. I don't mind. Yes, I am behind, often miss the bus, need clues too, but I hardly mind since everything in my worls happens for a reason. You know this image is all about Valentine's Day, yes? Who knew? A quick visit to Barnes & Noble ended with copies of two favorite magazines, The Simple Things and Runner's World. A month-old copy, hidden away? Surely a sign that I was meant to have it! And I'm meant to tell you about it. 'Tis omenesque!

Okay. We've been issued a tornado warning and the television shut itself off. I hear rain. Rolling thunder. Uh oh,  a warning of lightning strikes. Dang! Houston, we have hail.

As I was saying, this is February's edition of The Simple Things, but it is never to late to write a love letter, right? True Romance? Hmm. True as opposed to false? Romance fades. Love stays. Well, it lingers longer, and sometimes it grows stronger. Happily ever after is what comes after the after, as in after hard times, rough patches, changes of heart, and the like. Yes? Reading his old love letters is good tonic. Honest. He should read yours, too! Hmm, who do you think writes more love letters? He, or she? I know my answer is me!

Lovely images. And an even lovelier excerpt: "A love letter is the best piece of paper you'll ever hold. More personal than a diamond ring, more enduring than a whispered sweeting nothing, more secret than a stolen glance, billets-doux have been making hands tremble since Ancient Egypt.

But times change - keyboards have replaced quills, and 'thee' made way for 'U' - and the love letter now teeters on the brink of extinction. (Really?) Protect it by penning one of your very own, but be careful: some basic, age-old principles of romantic correspondence still apply." 

Are your surprised to learn that ink is one of them? The author lists ten. If you can't lay your hands on a hard copy of The Simple Things, go for digital. Then, go . . . Write a love letter. Make tea for two, and coo.



Of Note: Um. Writing to Anne Boleyn in 1528, the priapic king speaks of kissing her 'pretty ducks.' My stars! Constantine was into spanking? His wife! Don't blush too hard. 


  1. Oh good! You are back! LOL on the priapic king!

  2. Hey! I'm practicing being back. A handful of interesting things happened while I was absent, some interesting mail came my way, new ideas bloomed and need pruning before posting, but life is good and it is happy I am to see you.

    Confession: I had to look up "priapic." Should have done it before sharing that bit? LOL! I honestly thought it meant something else, something related to uric acid. :D The good king did not let gout get in his way! Thanks for stopping by.

    Be well. I owe you mail.

  3. Yes, a love letter. I think I will! Nice post, my friend! I hope I never get too old or too busy to hand-write a love letter.

    1. :) I wrote a love letter too! One can never be too old to love someone and tell them just how much, on paper. Then they can re-read them until they grow too old to remember a time when they didn't love you.