Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blessed Are The Letter Writers!

Blessed are the letter writers, for theirs is the kingdom of communication! 

If we are judged by our intentions, I think I'm safe from bad karma, because I still intend to answer each letter that needs answering; therefore, my intentions are good. I haven't had much to say that's worth putting under a stamp, so maybe my mama raised me right when it came to correspondence. I grew up hearing "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything," and took it to apply to letter-writing and blog posts too. I've been less sedentary but here I sit, all because of a nine-year-old boy, who puts my catch-up efforts to shame. (Guess who is training for a 5k! Um, walk. Did you seriously think I'd be running so soon?) Check it out here:

I remember being so young and having to rest frequently when I wrote a single page letter. Writers cramps! Remember how painful cursive was at that age? Yet we never gave up. Chances are good that Isaiah never learned cursive, but he wrote a lovely letter. If I could, I would write to him, and I would thank him for writing that letter. I would tell him how much he inspired me to write one more long overdue response to a pen friend. And I would thank his grandmother for teaching her grandson to be a letter writer. I cannot help but wonder when she last wrote a letter of her own, but no matter, she has passed the power on to another generation.

Can't you imagine him being the big man on campus now? Perhaps other children will hear his story and write a letter of their own? I did.  I'm just an old child, is all.

And, I re-read the two recents from Washington. They've been downstairs since they were too spooky to bring up to the letter-writing-space. You see, the envelopes bear the address no one knows about except the map makers and the post office. Our street sign says "Drive." How does Washington know the original address is "Court?" Huh? Huh? NSA? Is that you?

Write on, Isaiah!

P.S. Did you get the lovely letterpress cards too? I promised not to hoard them! Then life needed living really hard, and I forgot. Two will go out this week! I promise.

Write on.


  1. Hi! I have missed you! Really glad to see you on your blog. I have not written letters or much else for that matter, since I have been oxygen deprived by a 6 week bout of double pneumonia. I have tried writing, but it is all still mush up there! I hope you are doing well. Take care!

  2. Oh, Elle! I am so sorry you've been ill. I sent you mail just the other day. ESCP? (Extra sensory correspondence perception) I still owe you. The greenies in the photograph are peas and oats. I think of you every time I look at my gardens.

    I am practically better than I have the right to be. :) Taking time off to take care is good for what ails a body. Please, take care. And remember, you should write only when you can. Be well!

  3. There you are...and here I am. I sooooo get what you're saying. I would like to imagine that in the letter writing communtiy there is no clock...there is no calendar when it comes to "WRITE BACK ".

    1. Hey, Millicent, I imagine you are as right as rain. What happens between letters is what makes letters.

      Be well. And wait a spell. Mail never fails.