Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stationery Comes to Life

You know how partial I am to The Fat Chick, right? She keeps me company, and it is good company, too. She's critical, insightful, loyal, thoughtful, funny, and she's freehearted, among other things. So, I wanted to show my appreciation. What could be a better vehicle than a pen holder, yes? 

So, again. I got busy. When I cannot sleep I do something. Last night I dug out the awful red Sculpey I bought a while back. *shudder* It's not what it used to be, that Sculpey. The new Sculpey stains. It turned my palms red. The white looks like Johnny Depp's face paint. But soldiered on though. Had it been as pretty and as safe as henna, I wouldn't have even washed my hands. 

Meet Hester. She looks tres plastic, doesn't she? No matter, since she was a big help to me. Working the clay to make Hester worked the muscles in my hands. The warmth from my palms made the clay malleable, and the memories that flooded my senses are still with me. I loved clay when I was a young girl. I assume my parents were the ones who introduced me to clay back in the day, but I also recall buying it with my babysitting money when I got to shop at the five and dime store with Mama. I made tiny home goods for the houses I made from shoe boxes. 

I made cardboard furniture. Toothpick curtain rods held folded paper drapes, and the dining table always had a clay bowl of clay fruit. I made clay people, clay pets. I discovered Sculpey back in the 90s. The best part of the new clay was the ability to make it, bake it, and put it on what-not shelves. Last night I added a Fat Chick pen holder to my repertoire. Not the awful red one. Well, I guess she's part of it but I meant this one . . .

Meet Charlotte. Looks like she's sitting on chocolate chip cookie dough, but it's a spotted egg. Her feet look like flattened hands, huh? I'll work on getting her right. She's my prototype. She wants to hold my white SAFARI LAMY. *big grin* Straight up or angled? Hmm. I think angled. And the egg should be bluish. Spotted.

This has to be my favorite Fat Chick drawing. She has attitude and good grit in her craw. Looks easy to mold. Not so. Or maybe it just takes more than one attempt to nail it. 

Jelly bean shapes aren't as easy as they sound. I'm open to suggestions from any clay masters out there. Should I switch to natural clay? I bought ten pounds of "Play in Clay" for The Wilson next door. Okay. Most of it's for me but I think they'll enjoy claying with me next week. "Play in Clay" dries naturally, no oven required. The colored Scupley means I won't have to use paint.  Now I want to do a Robin Hood pen holder. Can you see it? No? Just you wait. But. First comes the stationery.

The hot water bottles on the back of my neck and shoulder are kept in place with the headboard. My arms are free and nervous because they're idle, so I get to watch old movies and draw as the heat seeps into my muscles and probably my bones. Am careful not to poach my brain. 

A stack of envelopes from Archivers is pretty much all I need to feed the Creative Monster Machine, as long as my markers are within reach, and my canteen is full. I don't use my set of COPIC grays often enough! And the little one cent stamp is so cute. I lose it nine months out of twelve but when I find it, oh my goodness! 

Bugs! 'Tis the season for bugs. They're everywhere. Creating my own is more fun than a barrel of monkeys, although I've never had a monkey, or a barrel. Or a barrel full of anything. Speaking of monkeys, have you seen the movie, "A High Wind in Jamaica?" That girl climbed better than the monkey. But then again, the monkey was drunk, poor thing. And why isn't it "monkies" if the plural of penny is pennies? I'm just asking.

Tell me you recognize The Purple Hull Pea!

What can I say? LOL! It's the heat. You should see my snail that's being trained to do mail. Speaking of mail? I'll see you in the mail soon! Before another full moon. 

Write on! 


  1. It always makes me smile to find one of your beautiful envelopes in my mailbox - and then I get the pleasure of reading your letter, too!

    1. Jackie, this has to be one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about what I love to do. Thank you, with the most sincere sincerity. Your comments have a place in my current journal. I'm also going to print a copy and send it to my mom, who once told me that I should become a secretary like my sister. :) She took it back the day she saw the Campbell's soup can I painted in art class. Said if she'd known I was so good she'd have paid for my tuition. LOL. Validation is a wonderful key to true independence. :D

  2. You are so talented. Charlotte looks as good of company as Hester. She'll look great holding a Lamy Safari too. Happy Independence Day!

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Duffy. So are you, so I am in good company. I will tell you about something from you that I hold quite dear. Soon. I will tell you about it in a letter, quite soon. :) Am willing to bet you can guess what it is.

      Hester looks like she's had an allergic reaction to something, huh? LOL. Charlotte sits next to me atop a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. She tries to proofread when I write but I think she needs a remedial reading course. She moves her lips when she reads, and sometimes her eyes cross. She has two sets of tail feathers. That might be a problem in and of itself.

      OMG! It's raining! WOW! Real rain! :)