Sunday, July 7, 2013

Reaping, Writing, Sowing & Showing

I woke to greet this day with minor aches in my way. Yet I woke with purpose. I just knew "it's gonna be a great day!" And so far so good. 

Last night I answered a few past due letters. Please, do not turn against typed and printed letters. A letter is a letter. It is the content that matters. Okay? Let us be friends. I'd write with my toes if I could, because I was in a letter-writing mood before bedtime and my pitching arm was not co-operating. Five pages were done before I knew it. Too bad the printer is out of ink. I have pictures though. *wink*

Meet a fig with a fear of height. 

This one is only just beginning to droop. My little mama needs proof, since, as she says, she has never seen a Turkish fig. A two page letter and a bunch of photos make her happy. It makes her about as happy I am when I get to see the farmer spell cow in the GEICO commercial. That's my favorite! Am willing to bet old Farmer Brown writes interesting letters that are full of  E-I-E-I-Os.

Back to last night. I printed postcards to send to the few who might be thinking of giving up on me. I managed two before the ink stopped flowing.

I still owe you a letter even if I don't send my declaration. I just like postcards that help plead my case. 

This envelope was fun. It was too much fun for someone who does not eat hot dogs, but what can I say? I remember the old dog with relish and mustard. I think the recipient might like ketchup on theirs. Onions too. But without arms and legs. 

The flip side was just as much fun. The fries are more like wedgies, huh? Rectangle wedgies. Is that a misnomer? And who sells ketchup in a cup at a ball game? Check out the bubbles on one side of that glass of cola. Such thick napkins. Oops! I forgot the use my show-n-tell words on the fries, ketchup, and cola. Pardon me.

Am nuts over this envelope! Thank you, dear Emilie-with-the-beautiful-smile! Illustrations are one of my weaknesses. These two guys are cute-cute, and I want to hear more of their conversation. 

Emilie , you answered my question! Both answers are funny, and, since you are the only reader who replied, you win the . . . Well, wait and see. Thanks for participating.

I haven't archived this yet, so it deserves another showing. Mrs. Duffy is one talented calligrapher. I really should think of matting and framing some of my mail art, but there's too much good stuff. My walls would groan and collapse under the weight. I never looked as lovely before this. Thank you, again Mrs. D. 

I forget where I found the quote but it makes for fun stationery: "It's nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice." Y'all are so nice to me. Thanks.

Sincerely sincere,


P.S. I forgot the other "reaping" photo! Here goes:

Muscadines! Tricolors, although they're supposed to be bronze. The ripe green fruit is just as sweet and muscadiney as the red and purple. So I harvested entire clusters. The pickings are slim this year. 


  1. I used to grow muscadines in pots and loved em .i used to give some away to neighbors too . You are so funny my dear the guillotine LOL ....and the drawings oh my the drawings ...Love you my dear friend and I hope all is good with your mama and the figs . take care and stay cool it sure is hot in texas . take care .

    1. Really??? Muscadines in pots? You are truly an amazing woman. We used to swing on the vines when we were kids. Okay, up until I was sixteen, and learned to listen to my aunt about the dangers of swinging into trees.

      Emilie drew the guillotine. Pretty neat, huh? :)

  2. of course i will take that book off your hands the La's orchestra saves the world ...sounds awesome good my dear

    1. Then La's Orchestra is yours as soon as I finish it. I'll send a few more titles in case you're interested. I need to get rid of the stacked books outside my studio door. I keep promising to take them to the library but things happen. I forget. I am lazy. :l

      I'll send you a list tomorrow.

  3. Your post is wonderful, as always. I don't think I've ever eaten a fig, other than in a Newton. We used to grow Muscadines in Florida but I think they may have been a different kind - they were very bitter, not good for eating, at least I didn't eat them! I love the artwork!

    1. Thank you very much, Jackie. I was fond of Fig Newtons until they changed the recipe, but never liked them when I hit my teens. The grit gave me bad ideas of what the grit might be. Then I watched the documentary about wasps and what they do inside figs. Erin won't touch one. LOL. I ate three today but I always wash and cut them before I bite into one. I've seen insects and eggs inside.

      I'v never heard of a bitter muscadine. Ours grew wild on my grand's property and along the roads. I'm determined to plant two more vines before fall. Sure wish I could send you a few figs. They're delicious. The love our sun, and the ripening ones turned deep purple overnight.

      Thanks for liking what I love doing. I want to show you the dinosaur. The Berd on its back isn't working out. I need reference books about elephants and horseback riding. :) My imagination often paints me into a corner. :)

  4. Wow! Are those figs growing where you live?

    1. Hey, Cynthia! Yes ma'am. My little tree gave birth to those. They're so big I cannot close my hand around one, then a regular size sibling pops up. :) I'm surprised since our soil is clay.

      I've been busy "farming" more and writing less. I'm hurrying the pomegranate trees along. I look forward to sending a few in the mail with nothing but an address label slapped on. :)

      Oh! I almost forgot. Girl, everything is bigger in Texas. :D

      Did you make the card for your mom?

  5. Not yet but maybe now it is time.

    1. Any time will be the right time. :)