Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quick! Spellcheck!

We've had rain for four days in a row now. I'm talking rain from thunderstorms. As a result, cooler temps prevail, so that means I went to the postoffice today. Oh, yea! Such lovely mail awaited the turn of my key. Which reminds me. I must remember to pay my pob fees. 

A cool day meant another trip to the bookstore. There's always something new to discover there, even when they don't have what I'm looking for. I should have a book budget. That way I could cut down on impulse purchases like this:

The Wilson has taken to reading like ducks to water, so I try to get them new Highlights books if I think they will enjoy the issue. A subscription to Cricket Magazine used to be my go-to-gift for young readers, but I couldn't find a single copy today. I asked the magazine guy and he advised asking the recipient of a past subscription to fill out the enclosed card and send it in my name. Does that make any sense at all? His mama must be real proud of him. Then I felt bad. Okay, I felt bad just now, looking back on it. What if that was his best helpful idea of the day and I hurt his feelings by telling him how foolish it sounded? 

No matter. My guilt will play itself out soon enough, but I went on to discover First Year Letters. I think I chose it as much for the illustrations as for the idea, since after thumbing through the first couple of pages, I . . . Maybe I should reserve judgment until after I've read the book, yes? Too bad the pages aren't numbered. If they were I could share my favorite letter. (I just picked it up again and thumbed some more.) 

Here's the best part of the back cover. Don't you like the illustrations too? Do you wonder why he wants the address of the WHITE House? Remember all the paper wads from messed up letters when you were a kid? 

As old as I am, there's still no shame in my game. So, I confess: I hurried up and checked my dictionary to see if I've been misspelling sincerely all these years! Kids are something! And just like Mrs. Hartwell said, 


I think I'll share this little book with the Wilson, then keep it for myself. It reminds me of my third grade class, which is where I learned to write my first "Dear Sir" letter.

I wish you happy feelings, much mail, and ships with red sails.


  1. Oh my that book looks awesome and I think the wilson will love it and get this I think i did the same thing yesterday at the grocery store . I was bagging my own grocerys which i have pretty much gotten used to by now . However a young man came over and tried to help and I told him to go help someone else .My husband says I was snippy to him . However I saw it as well dont come over and help me now since Im half finished . Do you see how I thought as opposed to the other half ? Yep I felt kind of bad after it happened I hope I did not hurt his feelings because that is not nice to feel like that . Well now my dear charlie brown our dear anna got a letter from me and she let me know that she received it and i hope to get one from her in return . You take care of you dear charlie brown , you ever mindful Lucy .

    1. We will do better next time, right? :)

    2. Yes I do hope so for the both of us dear ....

  2. Cricket was my favorite magazine to treat the kids to when we were homeschooling. They used to carry them in one of the high end children's toy stores in Charlotte (Black Forest Toys and Books), but the only way you can get them in this area anymore is to get a subscription. That is probably what the magazine guy was trying to tell you... it is only available by subscription (in your area??)... Here is the online addy where you can order them:
    First Year Letter is adorable! I will have to find it to add to my home school collection :) I know... I am not homeschooling anymore, but I can always hope for grandchildren!

    1. I called the bookstore this morning. They no longer carry it. I read a letter from a mom who was upset and canceled her child's subscription because they did a story about lesbians. Her child came home after he'd read it and asked, "What's a lesbian?" She posted the experience and a lot of other mothers supported her. I'm not saying that's why the magazine isn't in any of the stores now, but no matter, I aid for an annual iPad subscription, which is fun but not the same. I will share with the Wilsons. :)

      I bought a copy of Highlights Magazine for one of the trio. There's a piece on how to draw cartoon faces, and Kindra is a lovely artist. LOL! You and I think alike. I still buy kid 'zines, books and toys against the day I . . . Grands. :) *sigh* I will enjoy the ones available. :) I have an "adopted" grand! She sends me lovely drawings and messages, so life is good. Happy grands to you, Elle! Time to hug the water bottle again. This arm wants attention. :)

    2. Hope you are feeling better soon! I have a suggestion for you if you don't mind,(only wanting to help your pain...), I have used lemongrass essential oil to sooth and repair connective tissue damage (a constant problem with my fibromyalgia), it may not heal your injury totally, but it will help in the repair of damaged connective tissue and may give you some relief. I use a dime sized drop of organic coconut oil with 3-4 drops of therapudic grade lemongrass essential oil and massage that into the inflamed area, 2-3 times a day. After a couple of applications I can really tell the difference. You will want to do a small patch test to determine whether or not 4 drops is too much... it is strong stuff and can irritate sensitive skin (if the mix is too strong it will cause some itching shortly after application). I often add lavender and helicrysum for their added healing potential and to soften the effect of the lemongrass on the skin. I hope it will help you.
      Also, Here is a comment that I posted to your comment on my blog:
      Thank you so much Limner!! Yes I am a fan of Rimas work, but with the death of my hard drive came the death of my extensive bookmark catalog that I use as references for my oft too many interests... I cried almost as much about the loss of my references as I did the loss of my art works and photos... Thank you for helping me to build back my reference catalog! You are such a dear! Here is a link to another weed wife you may be interested in (if you don't know about her already), and her online publication:
      Thanks again and hugs!

  3. I wanted to say that I love your vintage headline! :)

  4. Hey girl! I am hoping you are OK... I haven't seen any posts in awhile. You doing alright? I have something in the mail for you and something else soon will be! Hope things are good! BTW, Thanks again for the book, it was a very thoughtful gift!