Friday, July 5, 2013


PYT. Or, pretty, yum things! Mail has gone missing. I'm taking a break between searches, and this is what I'm relaxing with: Pretty Yum Things. 

Pretty dark amber barley tea in a pretty liter pitcher that's served in a pretty good looking glass. A pretty pen makes for a picture perfect trio of pretty yum things. I closed the blinds against the bullying Texas sun with intentions of writing one more letter before I called it a day. No letter found its way through my nib, but I remembered these from last night. I drew and lay down some color while I watched a month's worth of missed episodes of "The Walking Dead." 

This is an ad for "Nurse on Call," a private duty temp nursing company. Okay, it exists only in my mind but the nurses who hire out are funny. They all but guarantee to have a patient in stitches if they catch them off guard. Claudette is on her way to cheer up a friend who is recovering from surgery. Go with all due haste, Claudette.

Cicada humor never hurts the outside of an envelope. It might insult the cicada, but not that giant pink thing that needs a name.

We interrupt this show-off session to bring you another PYT moment! Oh, my goodness! Have you ever had these? Sorry for the pitiful picture but the sun dipped behind the roof tops before I shot this in natural light.

I searched for these stateside the first time I ate one. Anna, you are responsible for my addiction. I like these as much as I like moon pies! They're the British equivalent, and they make my knees knock when I see one. These little cakes remind me of candy until my teeth touch that graham cracker! I've never been a fan of marshmallow. I always saw hooves when I heard the word, until I tried organic marshmallows. Then Anna sent me Tunnock tea cakes, and I did not care. Yes, I stopped eating moon pies for over a decade.

A pretty box came in the mail the other day. I ripped into it as fast as I could. I did this in front of our mailbox cluster. Shame has no place in my life when it comes to opening boxes. This box was wrecked though. Well, it was wrecked before it made it to our box, and I finished wrecking it in my haste to see what was inside. 

The Postal Elephant stomped my box of goodness. It squashed it. The heat melted what was left inside those pretty little squares of foil, except the graham crackers. Things oozed between the tiny foil cracks. Chocolate ran like it wanted to escape back across the great pond. The marshmallow morphed into something else totally. There's a mockingbird sitting just outside my window right now, and it's mocking me! They rape my muscadine vines every day and leave the hulls on the patio. They eat dozens at a time! I really must put the netting into play. But anyway . . . There was nothing but a sweet mess inside that box. I wanted to cry. Instead, I carefully opened one foil treasure, taking extra care not to . . . Okay. I held it in front of the a/c vent closest to me. Surely it would harden a little? 

Not even. Not hardly. Not then and not last night, when I licked the last one. I licked my way down to the graham cracker bottom, and let me tell you, melted marshmallow will not be cleaned away with a wet tongue. And those "handi-wipes" were good-for-nothing in the face of the white goo. I couldn't lick my fingers because they were not clean enough to lick. A body never knows where Sal might be lurking. I mean, then never found Jimmy Hoffa, did they? I had to spit on a paper towel kept in the glove compartment for such emergencies, yet I walked into Hope Depot with sticky fingers. Oh. I embarrassed myself well before then. 

The best part of the chocolate stuck to the foil. Undeterred, I ducked below dash eye level, and I commenced to licking like Minuet does when she gets wet-not-dry food, only I wasn't dainty about it. I know my neighbor saw me; she always sees me, but I would have lied had she asked me what I was up to later. People drop things on the floor board all the time, don't they? There goes that dang mockingbird again! It's eight thirty. He must be on a muscadine raid! So. I tore off a piece of foil and it found its way into my right cheek where the only filling I have just happened to be, and ZAP! Foil and filling make electricity. I couldn't produce enough spit to float that foil, so I got zapped a lot before I threw caution to the wind and used a dirtyish finger to grab and extract it. 

No, I did not lick the cardboard packaging, but I still want to. The box is on the bed behind me, and I smell all that goodness--melted and beyond my reach. I know why some adults cry like a kid does over spilled chocolate milk. I love you, Anna. You manage to make magic happen in my life. There's that bird again! I'd fight it over a Tunnocks tea cake. Did you know they're a family company? When I go to England, the first thing I'm gonna do is have tea with a box of tea cakes. Pictures will prove it.

Never use postage as a bookmark. Not if you're like me, that is. I bought these last month. I'm reading "And the Mountains Echoed," so how is it I didn't notice them until twenty minutes ago? 

And, last but not least, I did this envelope as a thank-you nod to the good James, who sent me a birthday gift wrapped in paper with robots. I've drawn a bunch of robots since then but this one has to be among my favorites. Thank you, James. I reckon it's a Berdbot? Robots are good reasons to use my box of gray COPICs.

I hope your life is full of PYTs. 

Write on!


  1. Oh dear, melted marshmallow! I forgot about the Texas sun. My grandmother used to call them "mush mollies" I still smile when I think of her saying it. I'm sure she did it to make us laugh. I think you got mush mollies.

    1. LOL. Thanks for a memorable second treat. Mush mollies are better than no mollies. :)

      The Cloud Atlas just ended. I never finished the book for the same reasons the movie is hard to digest. Most of the language/dialects/accents are deplorable. Not being able to understand even some of the English makes it a difficult movie to follow, but the theme of repeat incarnations is interesting and worth sitting through a movie that had such potential. It's a sweet love story. Have you seen it?

      It's coming on again in three minutes. I think I paid for 24 hours of view time, so I have tomorrow. Goodnight, dear Anna.

  2. oh my dear Limner and anna . sweet anna for sending them your way and poor Limner for getting mush . I have heard that book you are reading is really good let me know if it is . Me blah have not read anything really good lately . I hope too soon though dear . I hope mail brings you happiness very soon . take care my dear and have fun ...

    1. Yes, dear phone lady, Anna is a sweet lady. In this instance the thought matters more. I never imagined getting to try those tea cakes again. Our tea cakes are quite different. My mother made the best ever. Every time we moved she passed on a family tradition of baking tea cakes for our new neighbors. The thing to do in Jasper was to wrap a fresh batch in a dish towel, and deliver them to someone who was sick, recovering, or to a young mother-to-be. A family friend, Betsy, craved my mama's tea cakes when she was pregnant. :) She was pregnant about six or seven times. :) Sweet Betsy passed on at an early age.

      Are you an Alexander McCall Smith fan? I'm half way through "La's Orchestra Saves the World. If you're interested I will pass it on. Then again, it must not be good if I haven't finished it, huh? LOL. How's your own book coming along?

      Thank you for the thought. Mail does indeed bring happiness to this house. Hope your mailbox fills to the brim. :)

  3. oh yes Have been an Alexander Mccall smith since the no.1 ladies detective agency ...and all the books to follow and yes i would love that book if you would like to pass it along ...Oh have you read amy tan's saving fish from drowning ? if you have not you must I would send you my copy but my husband did away with it by accident would 'nt you know it poor dear he felt so bad ....Oh well just a thought see how my thoughts wonder ? my book alas my book I have not had the gumption to finish it yet but I am still working on it ...I hope too one day ...Oh that is a famous saying One day ...Oh well my dear charlie brown alas it is time to close . will get a letter to you soon . take care my dear charlie brown , your ever reading and ever mindful LUcy ....LOL ...

    1. Amy Tan used to be one of my favorite authors. I almost bought Saving Fish but listened to someone who'd read it and decided not to. I will revisit it on your say-so.

  4. I haven't seen or read Cloud Atlas. I remember you mentioning it to me in a letter. I did see a trailer for it on TV just recently and thought I'd like to see the movie. Right now, I'm still in Revolutionary France reading the memoirs of La Comtesse de Boigne. Not everyone's cup of tea but I'm loving it. A beautiful hard cover book I bought for 10p at the charity shop. How could someone part with such a treasure? I did myself in with overzealous cleaning so letter writing is at a minimum these days. Hopefully progress will pick up soon.

    PS. Phonelady, what is the subject of your book? You've piqued my curiosity!

    1. Dear Anna ,
      Good to meet you and my book actually is ww 2 europe and Im having quite the trouble with it because as soon as I get in the writing frame of mind and wallah the phone rings or the husband needs something and wallah its gone and i dont get back to it for almost a month and it really is stressful . So no worried though one day I will finish it .But thanks for asking and hopefully you will follow my blog and I will follow yours if you would be so kind to leave the name of it for me ... thanks mine is the older side of my life .

    2. I wonder why my reply didn't/wont show here! Hmm. Gremlins! I will send you a letter tomorrow. I took a stack of out-going mail with me on my errands today and forgot to mail them! I think the excitement of finally getting to shop at Sprouts made me giddy since there was a mail box right at the entrance. Or maybe my elbow hurt too much to lift it high enough to grab the handle to open the mouth? Either way, there's always tomorrow. :)