Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Saturday Evening Post

Last evening I had the pleasure of offering a comment about this lovely post: Writing By Hand. It's about a father's art and a daughter's wedding invites. That's not all. It speaks of a medium that I hold dear since it was my first large canvas when I dreamed of being an artist like Rembrandt, da Vinci, Vermeer, and every other master. I was such a great untrained artist that I got to do artsy things for school, such as drawing turkeys for the cafeteria menu; I drew cartoons for the school paper; I drew murals of the Nativity at Christmas, and even a cherub for Valentine's day. I was overwhelmed when our music teacher complimented me in class after the school board members viewed my Jesus, Joseph, and Mary in the stable piece. All the teachers saw my work! Some wondered which sixteen year old girl drew like that. My Algebra teacher took Polaroids. He let me hold them long enough to be amazed, but he did not offer me a single copy. I used to have such a crush on Mr. Bowser, too. 

But anyway . . . Oh! I got to write the English teacher's assignments on the blackboard when she was too busy. Mr. Bowser, my homeroom teacher, gave me a pass with pride writ all over his smile. I trembled in front of all the eyes that bore into my back as I wrote assignments. Sometimes my writing drifted uphill and I had to erase like crazy. I hated/loved it. I was painfully shy. Then the Typing teacher wanted me to draw a poster for her bulletin board. I spent a lot of class time doing art work from grade school through high school.  I painted the cutouts for the football banquet one year and I got in trouble for painting one group black. I was ostracized for a hot minute, but my defense was, "But I thought black was beautiful!" It saved me from getting beat up. I even got to paint the superintendent's wife's Christmas lawn decoration: little elves, candy canes, gifts . . . Sorry. Backing up, getting on the right track this time.

So, Randall reminded me of my fondness for chalkboards. I dropped by my favorite store after I left my most favorite store, Barnes & Noble. I went on a hunch. I have to watch my impulse spending with major seriousness since I am saving up for a big trip that looms over my future. But had to look at their paper goods, and I limited my purchase to one box of notecards, a herb window box kit, and . . . 

I turned the corner. I turned, and goodness, there they were. A stack of 22 x 28 chalkboards! I bought two. One for the kitchen. One for the room where I create. This photo does not do it justice. The frame is a lovely dark soft wood. The other is a medium gray. I had to hurry up and hang this one just to share, so I used . . . I won't even tell you what I used because it's not important, but I hurried up and found my chalk remnant, and I got busy. What's that old saying about a fool's name always being found in public places? Well, I'm no fool. This is in my room. You know what I did next, don't you. Yes! I started to draw a Berd. Hahaha! But I stopped. I need wire and a stronger nail for drawing, but goodness! It sure feels wonderful to stand and draw again. Thank you, Randall! 

On a serious note. I need y'all's help here. I read this and my ire shot into overdrive. Have you read it? This here: 

I read on, and my ink curdled. I split a nib. I forgot to mail the senator's letter. Dang! I have a new letter to write. Just because some don't know how to write cursive does not mean it should be eliminated. Not a lot of people know Astronomy either. Or how to make cornbread. Not everyone knows how to write calligraphy, or draw, or . . . Fill in the blank 'cause you know what I mean. That does not mean we should not study the stars, stop eating cornbread,  or not write beautifully or creatively. 

You see what I wrote on my new chalkboard. My right arm isn't what it used to be, so my handwriting is iffy. I won't be printing my life away because of it though. I will write with the cursive I worked for back when I was just a kid. What if the signers of the Declaration of Independence had printed the whole thing? What if da Vinci used a wax stylus instead of pen and ink? His work would have melted years ago! If everyone becomes proficient in keyboard, what will they do when the lights go out? Think of all the people who do not even own a computer! 

How can you keep an old-fashioned journal if you have to print and paste the pages with each entry? Silly people. Too often we allow some kids to skate because they're lazy and their parents don't know how to parent. Life is hard. Try harder. Learn to be strong. Protest. Stand up for what you know is true: We are the writers in this world! We say, "We're incensed, and we're gonna write to you and tell you so! Stop crippling our children!"

Okay. Now write on. Here's his address:

Waite Phillips Hall
3470 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, CA 90089

USC City Center
1150 S Olive St
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Bet some of you wish I'd hit the beach or gone to Jasper after all, huh? Please write with me. 

Peace! And good penmanship!


P.S. Am willing to bet he cannot write cursive himself. And I dare him to prove it. 


  1. Write on! Right On! No kidding cursive is not dead and thanks for the addresses. And where might your big trip be??
    Your not-redheaded friend,

    1. Power to the cursive writers! LOL. Nephew II cannot write cursive. He had to learn how to convert his printed name to a signature. Will a shaky X become the common signature if cursive dies? I made light of it but I'm as serious as drone. My letter goes out tomorrow.

      Oh, my trip! Not telling until I'm there. ;) So there are no new pens in my near future. I am saving my pen money with a purpose, my not-redheaded friend!

    2. I have some travel friends too.....

  2. I assume that is Polikoff's address. I may try to find Mr. Bryant's address and write to him as well. I'm also going to share the link to that story on my blog and Facebook. Cursive is NOT dead and he should not be allowed to kill it. What an idiot.

    1. Power to the cursives for real! We are like the silent majority. It's time people stopped making erroneous claims about us. I found Mr. Polikoff's address in the magazine's contact info. Will you share Mr. Bryant's if you find it? Thanks for spreading the word, Jackie. I hope his mailbag fills to overflowing times ten. Let us start a powerful writing campaign. We write! In cursive! :))

  3. Yes really cursive writing is dead No , it is not dead . i enjoy cursive writing and had spent many years in the late detention until I had learned cursive writing so yes this stinks really does thank you for the addresses . Have a great get away my dear .

    1. LOL. You got detention? That's good and bad. It's good that you were able to have special time to practice, yet it wasn't so "good" in the sense that detention seems like punishment. No matter. I'm glad you learned cursive because you do it well.

      I'm enjoying every moment of my official "away" time, although it is too hot to travel very far in Texas. I'm staying home for the upcoming holiday. Everyone else leaves and I get to enjoy the peace and quiet. :)