Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fly Me!

Okay. I followed my mind and did a quick drawing before lights out last night. This will be a rare do over. The envelope template is from The Stationer's Apprentice. Sorry for the chopped top. I printed and folded a new one this morning. I'm prepared for tonight's session. Note to self: Stop trying to draw from memory!

A letter a day for two days in a row ain't bad. It's all in fun. I sit and watch what goes on in the backyard, and it seeps through the lead graphite in my pencils--somehow, someway, some days.  

One bag full of mail went out today. The postal people try so hard not to cover up my efforts with stamps and whatnot. I tell them not to worry, but they don't listen. Secretly, I'm pleased. I should thank them but I don't want to seem vain. 

New and more stamps were part of today's visit. They were out of Lydia Mendoza stamps. I confess they're my favorites. No Monarch stamps either. No Johnny Cash. No postcards postage. Somebodies in Katy are buying stamps! 

I should have been a bike designer, huh? Uh-oh. I see a major mistake. Do you? Forgot the basket! A basket with mail inside.

Deep in the heart . . .

of Katy's countryside. Inspiration comes from life. Time to let the Spurs know I'm rooting for them. Go Spurs!

Write on!


  1. Replies
    1. You make me feel so much better now. LOL! It's funny how the mind works. Memory is a funny little thing too. I cleaned my bulletin board as if Pete can see it. I will never forget him. He sent me those corks and never accepted payment. I must show you what I did with the leftovers. I hope I remember. I say I will do something and my promise gets lost in all the ideas, thoughts, notions and words that clamor for release. In this instance I need to buy ink for the printer. By the time I remember to buy it . . . Well, you get what I mean, don't you? Seems the more I learn the more I need to remember. :) I remember how such kindness came to me from Pete, through you. :) May I never forget.

      Hope your 4th is memorable.


  2. I Love all these drawings I really do . You are so talented my dear .

    1. Thank you. There's nothing I like more than drawing. Reading used to be number one. Then I got to do another thing I love: write letters. I never imagined my dreams would come true this way. I have the best pen friends and I learn so much from each of you. You are quite talented yourself! I recognize your mail because of your artistic style. :) be well.