Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday's Evening Post

I have a new camera.  Finally made up my mind. So many new bells and whistles to become familiar with. (sigh) Gone are the good old look-and-shoot days. The new Eye comes with two manuals in dual languages. Okay, there's more but they don't count since they're merely nods instead of entire tomes. Remember when DSLR cameras came with fold-out instruction sheets that got you up and flat-out running in less time than it took to refold the thing?  (sigh) I keep sighing with good reason. My birthday camera became mine this afternoon. It's almost midnight and I'm still trying to figure out how to take basic photos. With a new macro lens. 

I am so tempted to pick up my Olympus and have done with it. I can't. Because:

1)  It needs to go to the camera hospital.
2)  It wouldn't be the polite thing to do.
3)  I should be open to learning new systems.
4)  I am not good at raising a white flag.
5)  I will not surrender.
6)  I cannot imagine my life without a camera at the ready.
7)  I like my new camera.
8)  Blog posts without photos is like a story without words.
9)  I felt this way when I used an Olympus for the first time.
10)  I can do this.

JC did the driving today. I rode shotgun. I'm not very good at it. I whined a lot. I accused him of deliberately finding every bump and hump in Katy just to jar my spine. Poor old thing. The other day when he suggested sitting in a chair with both feet on the floor I said, in a clear salty tone, "The human head is heavy. As long as I am in an upright position, and my big head presses down on my cervical spine, I will have pain." Surely you see how pathetic I have become. I do have a large head whose size I attribute to the need for extra cranial space due to a bigger brain, which means I must eat more fish because I need a lot of brain food. My graduation cap was a size 7 3/4. Now that's big, huh? But no matter. The human head weighs . . . BRB. Gonna Google this one 'cause I forget.

Okay. The average human head weighs between 10 - 12 pounds. Try to imagine holding a 10 pound bag of sugar under one arm. Heck! Babies weigh less! Imagine trying to walk and balance 10 pounds atop a spindly neck, and tell me you don't get why the Elephant Man got tired of living. And, now. Try to imagine 10 pounds pressing against . . . Well, you see why I . . . Wait. I gotta tell you this: I walked up to the postal clerk the other day when it was my turn. She did a double take and asked me, "How are you? Are you okay?" I answered in the affirmative. She said, "Are you sure?" You know how you hesitate between a lie and being polite? Well, I hesitated and thought of all the people in line behind me, and I said, "Yes, I'm okay." I broke when she told me, "Are you sure you're okay, because you don't look like it." 

I confessed. You'd have thought she'd won Double Jeopardy the way she grinned and looked so smug and self-satisfied when sold me she knew something was wrong with me. Said she could tell just by looking at me. And, "You need a good chiropractor. I know 'cause I saw one. I had a pinched nerve too." I exhaled and the tension left my shoulders. We tend to hunch our shoulders so they're closer to our ears than is recommended when our neck or shoulders hurt. I admitted to being in pain. I blamed being grumpy on continuous pain. She knew what I meant. Told me I was right. Said, "You don't feel like being bothered because you hurt so bad. That's why I was so grumpy. But the chiropractor fixed me up."

It's too late for me. She said so. She commiserated though, "Oh, you're past being helped but I know how bad it hurts. I had sciatic pain . . ." We had quite a conversation in the little window of time that I stood there before her. We talked while she worked. I mailed three packages, 8 or 9 letters, cards, and notecards. I bought some stamps too. One thing I noticed about her that was different from recent encounters was the absence of dark blue circles beneath her eyes. Make it two since she had new highlights. Make it more: She had a spring in her step. She was her old laughing self. She looked like she'd lost maybe 10 pounds, and she seemed happy knowing someone else in the world hurt besides her. 

So, JC took me to lunch after we left Best Buy, and I perked right up. We ate at the 59 Diner. We had Scorpion Tails for starters. Hot but good. I had my new camera with me, and I took three lovely shots of him. I don't know why I cannot seem to work it again to save myself from torture now. Here's proof:

See? (for Monday mail) I tried auto and manual focus. With a macro.

A macro taken today with my crippled Olympus.

Another poor shot of more Monday mail. 

Oh well. Dang! It's midnight! Gotta go.

P.S. I think only Oprah Winfrey has a larger pate. Isn't hers a 9? 


  1. I think your new pictures are very respectable, but I absolutely get what you mean. When I got my Canon I spent HOURS trying to make it do the simplest things. Seems that the more complex these things get, the more they "hide" how to do the stuff you really want to do. ("Take a picture? No, no, no -- here's the button you press to make coffee and shine your shoes.")

    1. Hahahaha! Thanks, Randall. I chose a Canon. They're supposed to be great for action shots. Nothing beats Olympus technology, and the 3/4 greatness but they've made a lot of photographers nervous. Canon was my first SLR so I returned. And you are too right about the complexity of the most basic functions. Women should write manuals. No offense, but if we can teach children to become functioning little people, then we can teach anything. We tend KISS for those very reasons. We teach little people, so we know how to keep it simple.

      I did my usual trek around the back yard and JC asked "Where's your camera?" I couldn't meet his eye. I mumbled something about needing a break from it because I stayed up late trying to read the manual. I think he understood. He told me it'll take time just as it did when I first got the Olympus. I appreciate y'all so much. :) Thanks.

  2. well just think the human brain weighs 7 lbs so i would take the head weighing 10 lbs ,part of that being take 10 -7 = 3 does that make you feel better ? LOL ....ty so much for a different view of looking at the frog ... hmmm albino frog and so now i have to think of a name for him ... im going to leave him white because as you say albino I think that is different and I happen to like different . I always can count on you for an opposing opinion or different side ... You keep me on my toes dear friend as always .You know if we were neighbors we would be hell on wheels ... texas would never be the same LOL .

    1. LOL! Thanks for making me feel good. Laughter is the best elixir. When I laugh my head lifts. Hahaha. Pearl, the great physical therapist taught me the importance of strengthening our neck muscles. I think laughing must be great exercise. :)

      Aww. I'm happy hearing you'll leave Albie white. Albinos are wonderful. I have opinions and opinions make for good conversation, don't you think? I often feel like Charles Barkley, "I might be wrong, but I doubt it." And, I don't mind being wrong because when I am, I often learn something. :))

      LOL! Texas would be in real trouble!!! They'd create another state just to get away from us. You aren't Lucy for nothing.

  3. I understand the whole mind boggling camera manual thing. I had a Nikon D5000 DSLR (or something like that) a while back and ended up taking it back after a few days. It was too overwhelming and apparently I wasn't in the frame of mind to master it at the time. I used to take pretty good photos back in the day of SLR film cameras, but digital is a whole new game. I don't think it's focus that's the problem with your photos, and they look good to me, btw. It looks like a depth of field issue, especially with a macro lens and perhaps not enough light to allow the lens to close down to get more of the shot in focus. At any rate, don't give up on it. Take one feature at a time and work on getting a good understanding of it before moving on to the next. I try to master the whole nine yards at once (while foregoing reading any of the manual) and end up frustrated every time, but I'm trying to change my ways!

    1. I like your hair cut, Jackie. I always mean to tell you but forget.

      I never fail to reach the brink of rejection with a new camera. Then I dive right in and just shoot, paying attention to what I do until it no longer feels foreign. Trouble is, I always for this courtship phase. :) not once have I returned a camera though. :)

      Yes, I'm having problems with depth of field. I think I know how to fix it, I just don't know how to do it on this Canon yet. I have a habit of thinking I will succeed at every new thing I want to learn. When I have to "study" a thing I am taken aback. :) it was the same in school and college. LOL. There's no telling what I could have been has I applied myself more. So. I am going to take your advice to heart and learn this machine from start to stop. :)

      Thanks. I finally heard what Randall said too. Respectable is a good start. :) Oh! BTW, my neighbor hired me to take her daughter's prom photos. The offer came after I gave her portraits of two of her grands. I took them with my ailing Olympus. That means I have to get cracking.

      Y'all are cheaper than a therapist. Thanks, bunches. :)))

  4. Good luck with your new camera! You'll get the hang of it soon enough and be taking great photos again!

    1. Thank you. I picked up the manual again last night after I examined more photographs. It's beginning to feel familiar and I remember where the the on/off button is. :) Clearly an improvement.

      Am hoping for an awesome flash unit for Mother's Day. And another battery. Olympus's battery's life puts this one to shame. I appreciate the encouragement. :)