Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mail Madness

A postcard to announce an increase in fare: 10¢ to 15¢. 

A postcard. "The Tailor's New Eyes"

Postcard. Every day is mail appreciation day.

You know how Texans like to boast, right? Well, here's a reason: My first 9 X 9 notecard and envelope.

Praying or embarrassed? No matter. It makes a great postcard. Mina used to laugh at my silly self and tell me, "Cade, stop the madness." Sometimes my madness keeps me sane. 

The Cheerleader! "Write on!" She's always in my corner. 


  1. Seeing that sunflower brings back a memory of a postal person stopping me one day at my mailbox and asking me what kind of sunflowers I planted because she had never seen such big sunflowers and this was when I was in florida . I told her that they were the giant greystripe variety and she said Oh my they are lovely and I am a fiend for sunflowers too . Oh well just love all the chickens you draw my dear . You are an awesome chicken artist LOL ....My dear charlie brown you stay well and be good if you can possibly manage it . LOL :)

    1. LOL. Who knew I would grow up to be a chicken artist. Ya gotta love it! Life is full of lovely surprises. You are one of them.

      I love sunflowers. My sister grew one in her backyard a few years back. Oh, she nurtured it and was so proud because she even killed cacti. Watching the seeds develop was the highlight of her day. One morning she watched in horror as a squirrel gnawed through the stalk and made off along the fence and up the tree. Outraged, and determined, she picked up what ever was handy and threw it at the squirrel, around and around that tree until the poor thing let go. The sunflower fell to the ground and she took it inside to mourn and admire. She was offended that I would even suggest letting the squirrel have the thing. LOL.

      I try to send her photos of my sunflowers. She lives in an apartment now and she refuses to grow anything because the neighborhood 'possum climbs the patio fence and "abuses" her plants. She did everything she could to get rid of him; the trap didn't work. She threatened poison! Well, one day the 'possum retaliated and poo'd on her patio. It was on! Management couldn't catch him, but he still leaves little "gifts" for her. :)

      Growing things are good medicine. But you know this. :)

  2. I've said it before and I'm going to say it again - I love your Berds!