Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Just a Note" Postcard

Just a Note: I tell you, it can only happen to me. Life is too short to be taken too seriously. I try to take mine, not with a grain of salt, but with a dose of Laughter Salts. You've taken those before, surely? Well, I drew this guy a couple/three nights ago, never knowing a caption would present itself tonight. "The Bottom Line." I gotta tell you: That split in his coat is simply that. A split. I didn't notice the "bottom line" until I tried to lay down a little color, but it is appropriate. No offense intended. The bottom line is damage done, three degenerated discs, a poser of rotator cuff issues, and recommended pain management. 

What kind of life will I have if . . . IF. They're all big ifs. But there's good news. Erin is doing well. Very well! Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers. Her leave from work was extended several weeks, but she's walking around town. 

Did I mention not being able to read because I cannot bend my neck for very long? Well, maybe I can't read the good books waiting for me, but I can sure read mail. I can hold mail at eye level! Imagine that! JC thinks I get too much mail. He gets no mail at all. We stopped by the post office on our way home from my second doctor's appointment. I had lovely mail from Randall! Yea, Randall! Very lovely. I do like your style. JC insisted we stop by his box. He has a large pob. Well, he opened it. He pulled it out. And, e-m-p-t-y. He bent over, and he blew hard. Five beats it took before I got it. LOL! He blew away dust. Like the mailman told my mama, "You gotta send some mail if you want to get some mail." This is what he told her after she asked him, "This is all you have for me? Junk mail?"

Write on!

P.S. A stack of mail went out today. From me to you. More to follow. I might be degenerating and pinching myself, but I will make mail. I might have to take Pain Management 101, but I will create some mail. JC might have to mail it for me, but I will send some mail. Right on, I will write on! 

P.P.S. There is no bottom line if we keep moving it. Did I hear someone holler, "Second opinions count!


  1. Oh dear I think that was me second opinions count. My dear limner yep I get the same thing from my hubby too . You get so much mail not to mention the seeds and plants I get and everyone including my mail person is aghast at how much mail I get . My husband gets very little mail too as well . Oh my I hope you are up to par soon . I love my new dr she is a doll and I will tell you more in the coming months Im sure . well dear I hope you are up to par soon . take care . Your friend Lucy and snuggle up with snoopy Charlie Brown .

    1. LOL. Thanks my dear. No one wants to hear "surgery" but no one wants to be addicted to pain pills either. I have a referral to a specialist but not the neurosurgeon. I hope for the best, so I must do my best.

      Snoopy bites! LOL.

      Hope you are on the road to great health. Be well.

  2. Going through much of the same right now with that little incident in March. Many a sleepless night.. Be writing soon. I'm sure you'll get it figured out.

    1. You have my sympathy and empathy Dodson. Whiplash does more damage than most people know. It leaves a calling card. Hope you have a good chiropractor to see you through the initial pain and limitations. I wore a neck brace for such a long time. I rubbed away my nape hair. Now it looks like Donald Trump's front. ;)

      Take good care of your body and it takes good care of you.

      Be well. I am never in a hurry when it comes to mail replies, unless it involves a game. :) Or ripening fruit. Or sprouting seeds. Or old money. :D

      Good mail should age like fine wine and cheese. :)

  3. I'm glad to hear Erin is doing well, and I wish your news was as good. Pain management is less risky than surgery which, depending on the location of the discs, is iffy at best. I know several people that have had back surgery and it didn't solve the problem entirely. What about decompression therapy - or is it too late for that? Rotator cuffs can be mended, though. Anyway, enough non-medical professional advice from me - you do what you need to do to feel better! And that's all I have to say about that (name that movie).

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I was quick to tell y'all about the bad news yet sometimes forget to post progress reports. What happens in our daily lives is reflected in our blogger lives. She's doing amazingly well. She's not up to jogging yet but she's walking around the Gold Coast. I tell her to pick up a few nuggets for me if she comes across any.

      I'm not so sure about the pain management deal. I have two sisters who have theirs "managed" but their bodies are deteriorating. Elaine is shorter by inches. Doris has put on weight from inactivity, and their lives rotate around pain pills. :( Auto accidents do take a toll. So I hope Dodson, D. gets good help for his spine.

      Doc talked about decompression surgery then forgot. I guess he didn't write it in his notes. A doctor I respect more than any other recommends surgery. Her husband had it twice. I face permanent damage, so no way do I want a life that doesn't have travel, writing letters or drawing. I will see a neurosurgeon first chance I get.

      Sorry this is so long but it saves me from having to repeat things. Doc said people can live with a torn rotator cuff. I say, he doesn't wear a bra. And he doesn't face a future that involves dragging nipples that might get scraped off on concrete, or create static electricity on carpet.

      LOL. I lose. Can't name that movie, but am willing to be phone lady can. :)

      Jackie, you really are something else. LOL! ;)