Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This was created for all the mothers in the world. The drawing was top drawer. I wanted it to be a super shiny gift to you from me. Alas! It wasn't meant to be. My markers would not-could not-did not obey. Nothing blended. My attempts at color would not be amended. So . . . 

So, I tried again. And failed. Oh, well. If we really are judged by our intentions, then you know what was in my my heart, this little bit of ruined art. My true message really is in the details. Happy Mother's Day! 

Love & Big Fat Hug,
from Limner & The Fat Chick©


  1. I love it Limner and the fat chick LOL many things could be said but I will leave it at that and glad you had a great Mothers Day .

    1. A skinny chicken never laid an egg. Reminds me of Shirley Temple and her duck. Remember that? She asks, "Can your dick lay an egg?" Little ham! lol.

      Hope yours was as nice as mine. No. Nicer! :) Then it would have been the ultimate.

  2. I hate it when markers don't cooperate! Happy Mother's Day to you, too, and thanks for the virtual card - I think it's lovely!

    1. The insult to injured drawing was: I used the special COPIC markers pad. Maybe the humidity affects all markers.

      Thank you! Glad you like it too. I just thought of Charlotte, the spider. Not sure why. Have you seen the Old Woman in the Shoe commercial? When I was a kid I wondered why she had so many children. I saw the commercial again last night and I got it. LOL! The nursery rhyme never mentions the father. Did you ever wonder why? :D Mothers are interesting people.

      Now I wonder why they lived in a shoe? Was daddy a shoe maker? They had a son who was a giant and he let them keep the shoe he lost as he climbed that beanstalk? I feel another story coming on.