Thursday, May 2, 2013

From the Loveliest Beginning to a Lovelier Ending

I have the day off, so I transferred photos from iPad to MacBook, that I might share a little of the joy the mailman brings. Okay, brought. When I opened the door after the doorbell rang, this sat on the front porch, all pretty and neat. It waited patiently at my feet.

I began from top to bottom but somehow I've messed up the order. This looks close to the beginning. Anna made a sunny yellow party hat! It has a veil. There are lovely, delicate, pink . . . Can you see? 

No! This is the beginning. It says so. See? I have 50 photos to sort through. Sorry. It's as plain as day. She gave me a box of surprises for my birthday.

Another hat! I'd have let Alex wear it if I could. He's my best friend in our neighborhood.  I've watched him play the pirate with a sword and cape.

Or maybe Robin Hood! I was so excited at this point.

I didn't know where to begin. So I sat in bed and had my way with all the goodness to start the day. After all, it was my birthday. Don't ask me why but I turned the box round and round. So looking in, things appear to be a little upside down. But it was my birthday.

The cutest little bear! Who knew he would reappear?

I seem to recall a card atop layer after layer . . .

I've made a messy muddle! The first card is from Poppy, the cat! If she were here she'd have worn a purple top hat!

Please forgive me, do. I must create proper order for you. This is too special for the mess I have made. I promise to return on another day. I assure you it's loads of fun. Won't you stay tuned and . . .  Hmm. What rhymes with fun???

. . . Limner exits the room as she mutters to herself, "Goodness, but I sure could use the help of the Birthday Elf. Help!"


  1. the birthday elf help ? that sounds cute and interesting at the same time ...however now you have peeked my curosity and shall stay tuned now I must start taking pics of my mail indeed . You are a mess my dear you make me like the cat , you know curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back LOL ....I love the hats by the way absoulte talent if I do say so myself ....

    1. LOL! Sorry. I'm not being coy. I took the pictures with my iPad. They were in order. I did an iPad-MacBook hook-up and made a grand mess of the order of things. Eye strain isn't funny. So I had to call it quits for the day.

      I miss my camera and haven't chosen my replacement yet. There's always so much that needs doing. Hahaha! You reckon I am more like a hot mess, huh? Anna is some kind of talented. She should work for Martha Stewart. :)

      Feel free to "say so" and write on. :) Thanks phone lady. You keep me honest.