Monday, May 13, 2013

Belated Birthdays Amends

I did it. It took a little while, but I transferred the photos from iPad to MacBook. Here goes: The beautiful box. I still have the paper. Heck, I still have the box! 

See? The order is orderly. It takes longer but it's worth the moments. Imagine my surprise to see "surprise" before my eyes. Talk about being surprised!

My party hat. See the veil? Tres chick, yes?

One for JC. He acts like he owns Sherwood Forest, so why not? It's like getting a feather for his cap. Groan.

For Alex. I'd invite him.

The tiara is mine too! I just replaced the stylish hat. I wore it. I took a photo and sent it to Erin. Myrna can wear my yellow hat with the veil, but she has to give it back. 

Ta-da! You couldn't wipe the grin off my face with a blow torch, if you tried. Skittle flowers! Someone caught a rainbow just for me!

Oh, scat! It was Poppy, the cat!

Oh, my. To me. :)

I don't know why but I turned the box upside down. I do like color. Isn't this picture-perfect tense? 

Wow. Paper. I like paper. I like paper and colors. And stickers. And I have wanderlust. I lust in my heart to wanter some more before I become root bound. 

See what it says? MIX and MATCH! I denied myself the pleasure until I posted my birthday-in-a-box photos. It didn't seem fair to use my gifts before I straightened out the mess I made. Thank you, Anna, for making me mind my Ps and Qs.

Okay, I eventually forgave myself, and used one envelope. I mean, how could I not? Resistance was futile. 

I sat the box on its side for this shot. Remember, I did all this in bed. Sunshine! Light in a box. Delightful. I hope I can do something half as wonderful for someone. 

Whimsey counts. Thank you, Anna. I like bubbles, and ducks, and fairy wings. I like dreams and I like you. If I had a magic wand or two, I would give you one.

Oui! I like labels. Now I have enough to last a while. They never go out of style.

You'll never guess what's inside. I'll show you later. I wear it when I write long letters. So many beautiful colors!

Jacks! I have to look up how they got their name, but I was the Jacks champ in the Curtis Community. I played until I was a senior in high school. Oh, how I loved that red ball and those shiny spinning jacks. My sister and I used to spin ten at once. Little things were so much fun back then. Did you play jacks? Did you bump? *sigh* There's more, but I have to make dinner. Eighteen photos and I'm not done. See all that goodness yet to come? 


  1. Lucky you! That's one wonderful box of birthday goodies!

    1. I know, and it's late but it's taken awhile to get things together. My camera gasped so the shots aren't great. I have to share what Anna did for me. There's more. LOL. Hope I'm not being a redundant nuisance. This is the first time I've felt like sitting for a long while. :)

      Thank you, Jackie.

  2. I loved to play jacks. I had a set that was aluminum colors, like the old straws. Remember?

    1. I had the aluminum, the colors, and the shiny jacks. Never played straws though. :)

  3. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog and my cards. I do love Archiver's but I don't scrapbook, and I wish the background on my blog was one of my photos, but, alas, it is a stock photo from Blogger.

    1. Your creations are beautiful and professional. I wasn't being kind. :) They're good enough for Hallmark!

      Oh, but Archivers isn't strictly for scrapbookers. I buy a large percentage of my stamping supplies, stamps, mail ephemera, pens, stock, embossing supplies, ink and such from them. I almost bought a die cutter from them. You could teach a class. They make beautiful cards. That's where I make lovely demos. Oh, and the necklaces I made? Everything came from Archivers. I wish you could teach a class. :) You get paid and you're just that good. I bought a class for my sister and me last summer. I got a refund though because she had surgery and recovery took months. I'm trying to muster enough courage to try a mail art class. I am just not good at public speaking. :)

      You rock, Jackie.

    2. Archiver's is wonderful and although I wish they were closer, I'd probably be in big trouble if they were. Paper, stamps, stickers, tools....too much trouble to get into. I used to teach classes at my local stamp store, but grew bored with it and haven't taught one in quite a while. I may get back to it someday. You rock, too!

    3. Wow, Jackie! Who knew? I know what you mean though. I fall for the coupon trick too often, but it allows me to get nice high end items at a great price.

      I hope you will teach again. Paper crafts give many moms a creative outlet. Archiver's is one place they can get away from family and kids and just have fun and be artistic. I do see men in the store also. Women spend millions on crafts.

      Aw, gee, heck. But thank you. :)

  4. Oh my goodness what wonderfulness !!! Is that even a word wonderfulness , well if it is not it should be . Oops ! there goes another one of my rules , make things words , well some things anyways . well what goodness still awaits us ? I will be ever so please to spy it . Do any of you remember I spy ? I spy a Limner and she is lurking about teasing us ....Be well my charlie brown and you Lucy awaits your latest venture .

  5. I confess...I got myself some of that stationery too. I couldn't resist!

    1. :) I tried to reshoot with my new camera but it wasn't the same. I took a bunch of pictures and they deserve to be showcased. You managed to pack quite a punch in such a small box. I really must learn to do that.

      I especially like the envelopes, don't you? I am so for outside-eht envelope envelopes. The originals are fine but new is good. :)

      I think I can write a week's worth of posts on that day. But I won't. :) Thank you some more. :) {{{Anna}}}