Friday, May 10, 2013

All Work and No Play

 Have you ever sat on your bed and cleaned all the spaces around you that are in reach? Well I have. I do. I am. I have been cleaning my room since yesterday. JC has taken away one large, heavy Hefty bag. The second bag is half full. It's all paper. At least two young trees worth. All that work means I've earned a little time to play. So I am. This is it. I get to do write a single post and post a single photo.

Drawing is one of the easiest things to do. I remember when I was so afraid of failure I didn't allow myself to create anything. Drawings and painting bumped around inside my head for years. I looked at lot. I examined everything. I watched people. It bothered the men in my life when they "caught" me watching women. Not knowing any better, I'd say, "Well, why not? She's beautiful. Look at her long graceful neck, the way her hips move, and her nose is . . ." I watched children. I took mental notes of babies, puppies, bird poo and . . . Well, everything. 

I was so good in drawing class. I love the human body. My favorite books are art books with page after page of beautiful studies of anatomy. Guess what hangs over my bed.

The print was a gift from a friend when we lived in Colorado. It traveled me across America and back, and has hung for a little over a year. Yes, the blur is intentional. Two other prints belong to the set but you know how it is. So. Even the master made mistakes. I was surprised and disappointed to discover they didn't get everything right either. 

This has to be my most prized book. If I had to leave home in a hurry I would grab this to take with me. I seldom accuse myself of being good at something, but I used to be a great caricaturist. I even earned my way with this skill. Remember the great caricatures that once graced the cover of TV Guide? Well, I met the artist who did them when he visited our school. I sat at his feet. He asked a question no one else knew the answer to. He asked "What's a caricature?" No performance anxiety held me back. My hand shot up and he pointed to me. I didn't choke. I answered. He said I was right. He didn't choose me when he asked for volunteers to have their caricature done. Hurt feeling will lose you a fan every time. He chose students all around me, yet did not choose me. I cooly rose, turned around, and walked away. His loss. Chances are, he's dead, but I still remember the snub. I feel it. The ache is still fresh. Hmm. I really must sit in front of a mirror and do my own. 

Where . . . ? Okay. If I say it all today I won't have anything left for tomorrow. 

Kindness is a wonderful thing. Kindness is awesome therapy. It's the unexpected gentle reminders that people think you matter that provide gentle strokes that heal and encourage a soul to do better. Elle sent me seeds from a Rose of Sharon given to her by her beloved brother. I cherish them. Are you ever so touched by a gift or an act that you cannot deal with it at the moment it happens? No? Yes? It happens to me a lot. I am overwhelmed by goodness and don't know how to respond. I'm getting better at it but . . . And Lucy aka phonelady sent me seeds in the cute little envelope to the right. I will plant anything that will grow! Elle? Phonelady? Y'all know this about me, right? Surely you do, so thank you. Thank you with all the joy and gladness a mystery brings. I planted several of your seeds today, Elle. Phonelady, I hope JC will sow a few of your lovely Partridge Pea seeds this weekend. 

Elle, I put them in here. I think this is so pretty. Do you like it too?

When you can't write, sketch! It doesn't matter so much if you forget the feet. Thus sayeth the Fat Chick. Erin said, "That egg's too big!" I say, "Wait until you see what comes out." Write on. Oh. But first, do y'all ever visit Soulemama? Don't you just love Annabelle's chicks? Heck, they're all fat! I mean, Adelaide! Adelaide's chicks are all fat. Or is it Adele?

Write on.

P.S. All typos and grammatical errors are intentional. Work less. Play more.


  1. Yes, I like your cup very much! It is quite unique! I hope that the seeds germinate and that you enjoy the plant as much as I have. I hope you are feeling better soon!

    1. :) Thank you. I put it in the window above the kitchen. It's the nursery.

  2. I was so hoping you would like them and plant them . They are a nice flower for the garden and I hope you enjoy them . I was hoping it would make you feel better . I love the pot you chose for elles aka your seeds . That pot is lovely . I am inspired now to show a re peat of a pot I recently got in a rummage venture . Rummage venture sounds so much more glamorous than a thrift store find does it not ? LOL ... always leave it to me to find a more glamourous way of saying something . I think that is another thing we have in common my dear .How are the san marzanos doing ? My dwarf tomatoes are tipping their hats to me everyday and I hope your maters are doing the same . well I guess that is about all I can say right now . Take care my dear Limner and stay well and safe .

    1. Of course I will! :) Thank you. I Googled the name because they sounded familiar but I couldn't place them. I will keep you updated on their growth. JC hasn't cleared the space next to the irises yet, but he planted two pomegranate bushes, a hibiscus our neighbor gave him/us, and a white rose bush.

      Thanks for liking my little pot. I knew it was meant to start Elle's seeds the moment I saw it. :)

      I'm not good at rummaging but I almost envy people who do. Can you believe I am not much of a shopper? LOL. I used to love old book stores. I'd order my clothes online if I could. I rarely try anything on when I shop. I'd rather buy it, bring it home, try it, and return it if it's not what I want. Erin is the opposite. She loves shopping. A rummage sale is as good as the bargain basement in my eyes. :) And there's nothing wrong with "thrift." I've worn vintage clothing. Beautiful things can be owned for pennies. Yes, you do have a way with words. :)

      No San Marzanos yet. I can't care for them, so the seeds are still waiting, but the sunflowers are awesome. I'm glad your 'maters are thriving. I'll send you a few pictures of what's growing on their own here. LOL.

      I'm looking forward to Thursday's appointment. I have the MRI results. Wish I knew what they show. :)

      Hope you feel better and breathe better real soon. Be well.

  3. Limner, I just love your artwork and you are such an inspiration. I love all the postcards you have drawn and on your 365 I saw the mri one it made me smile with all the names in the bubbles. Anyway I would love to do an interview with you(via email) and then post it on my blog. showing some of your artwork and the questions you could answer. if interested please email me to
    thanks Ria.

    1. Ria. I inspire? Oh, my. How very nice and kind you are. My father would be so proud of me if he knew. :) Thank you.

  4. I love the fat chick! Drawing comes naturally to you, not so much to me, which is why I prefer to stamp my images. My son and his wife keep laying hens and they lost their favorite one a few days ago to some predator - probably a fox. They have shored up the henhouse now, to ward off any more losses. Poor chicken.

    1. Jackie, I could just hug your neck! Thank you. She is so much fun. I have to hold back sometimes for fear she might offend. LOL. Imagine a chicken being a threat.

      I wanted to draw and write before i could hold a pencil, so I believe that I came with the desires. I didn't always allow myself to do either. Sometimes I still hear my mama saying, "Be a secretary like your sister. There's no such thing as an artist." She just wanted me to have job security. I tried so hard to be a secretary but disliked everything about it.

      Everyone has talents. What's yours? Sometimes I wish I could stamp as well as some people. :) It's an art. Pamela is super good at it. Am willing to bet you are too.

      I like chickens. My favorite aunt raised chickens until she couldn't. She hated king snakes because they ate the eggs. I watched her kill one with a hoe. She wanted to make sure it died, so she built a small bon fire and tossed the snake on top. It slithered out from the flames. Almost made it across the road too. I rooted for that snake. LOL. Poor chicken, indeed. A "full" fox though? I am sorry for their loss.

      I came across eggs in one of Houston's Asian communities this weekend. The food store has cartons of eggs called Happy Eggs. I asked JC why he reckoned they'd be "happy." He said they might be free range. Hmm. I thought of Charlie the Tuna. Was he misguided or what?

      Thanks for sharing. Have you ever heard the adage about a whistling woman and a crowing hen?

  5. "I am overwhelmed by goodness...." I know this feeling, too! Goodness and compassion and kindness are filled with astonishing strength. They often leave me feeling bowled over or choked up in the best possible ways.

    Interestingly, I find that growing things in my garden evokes very similar responses, especially this time of year when new blossoms and berries and veggies are appearing on a daily basis. Kindness and flowers have a lot in common to my way of thinking. :)

    1. You are so "something else!" :) I have problems saying what I mean, then someone like you comes along and clarifies it clearer than clarified butter. The first conscious act of mine each day is to go outside and see what has changed overnight. Anything that grows from seeds I sow make my heart leap. I feel so special. It seems they love me enough to grow, and that is so empowering, and makes me more conscious of my connection to the Creator. Just today, Erin and I talked about how it feels we are eating energy when we eat raw or gently cooked vegetables. There I go again. I wish I could say it the way she did.

      I declare, kindness leads to Love and Love can heal the world. Flowers grow just for joy. Oh, I wish you could see the bouquet Erin sent me. She knows I love flowers more than diamonds. LOL! Thanks for what you wrote. Joy to you! I treasure each comment. I love getting to know y'all. And you make me feel less "different" in my views. :)

      Be well.