Sunday, April 7, 2013

What's In Your Mail Kit?

Incre Invisible
30 ml  J. Herbin

Gris Nuage
J. Herbin 
6 Cartouches

Studio Calico
It's a Date


  1. Funny you should ask.....I am long overdue in making a zine titled that same question. I did a post on my blog quite some time ago asking the question and people sent me the most wonderful responses in the mail. I promised a zine -- and as soon as I find the folder with all the stuff in it, I will make the zine!

    1. GMTA! I cleaned out the mail kit that I use most often and . . . Well, some of the items are interesting and have little stories of their own. I have plans to do a three parter because . . . I will save the whys for the next post. :) May you find the folder soon; then we might do a joint "wonderful thing." Thanks for your comments. Will you consider reposting your post?

    2. Hum...I never thought about re-posting a post. I had promised the folks who sent me the mail about the kits I would send them something and ...ahem...I think I better wait till i get that zine ready before reposting or I may get in trouble. Haha You can probably find the post pretty easily using the search box on my blog though....

    3. I understand and it makes perfect sense.

      Write on.

  2. LOVE the date stamp. I don't know why I never thought of adding a date stamp to my collection?? I'm still trying to figure out what kind of glue I should use for paper. Behind the times? Well, yes, just a little.

    1. I have three different date stamps. :) I try to stamp dates on incoming mail in an attempt to get organized.

      The best glue IMHO is the LINECO bookbinder's. It's superb. It lasts since a little goes a long way. It's strong. Behind the times? No. You're on YOUR time. :)

      Be well.