Monday, April 8, 2013

There's More Room Out Than In

There's always more room in my out box than my in box. There's a remedy for that and I'm working on it. Here's how:

Oh! Goodness me! A clear sign that I feel good. My arm still works y'all. I almost finished this the same night I started. Oh, what a feeling! I do believe that I will do the alphabet after this one. From A to Z. It might take a year since so much goes into a single letter, but there are no limits to the the possibilities. Plus it's a great way to use up some of the goodies on hand. O is for O-Bird. She's the best talk therapist on the planet. She might not be perfect for anyone else, but she's been perfect for me. O, O, Oh of O! Irony or pun? This is one of the biggest "letters" I've ever "written." Hmm. 

New postage for more mail. 

What's in your garden? This gem is in mine. What a lovely stamp it would make! Oh, Columbine, oh Columbine! Da-da-da-da dada-de-dah!

A plain envelope. It looks odd doesn't it? Sometimes less is more though, so it's good to go, and go it did. I tripped to the post office. I drove myself. Thanks for all the good healing vibes.

More fun. I like the carpenter's pencil so much that I had to draw one. I used my number one pencil for a number one letter. Yes, I wrote with graphite. I think I erased three times. With a kneaded eraser of course.

A trip to B&N netted a box of UNICEF notecards. Such a cute little gold fish, yes? How could I not bring these home with me? 

It's cuter than my unfinished one. Practice can only help. Right?
Did you know that "Gold fish are emblems of good fortune among the Chinese."?

A postcard! Rubbing salt into wounds is cruel. I don't think it's right to release the names and addresses of people who get traffic tickets. What if they are found innocent in the end?  Hurt feelings again. They sent it with the "Or CURRENT RESIDENT" afterthought. Comic relief trumps and prevails. For a hilarious take on the subject, read this: Too bad Officer Friendly didn't read the script. LOL.

And, the sun beamed down on my head. Thank you, Susan. Very pretty. You used the bits I sent! And you used three of my favorite colors. The quote is quotable! LOL. With each new day I get another chance to get it right. Very nice. See how easy it is? Tell us who Justin is.

This was the icing on a lovely yellow cake day. Ms Jean, I do declare your mail to be something else altogether! Thank you very much. This lovely magnet has the place of honor on the fridge door as of tomorrow. Tonight it sticks to my Klean Kanteen. Did your daughter paint this? Are they available on Etsy or can I place an order for notecards? Such a unique style. The bold colors fit perfectly. The look on her face is touching; it moves me to wonder happened to give birth to such palpable emotions.  Wow squared.

As if the magnet isn't enough. Thank you for the goodness that is mine. I must savor each piece, but the paper dolls gave me an idea the moment I saw them. You have a generous spirit. I will see you in the mail soon. Be well.

Barnes & Noble is my comfort station. I seldom enter and leave empty handed. A simple little book for making envelopes caught my eye. It fit my budget. All $6.98 of it. When I feel good I do good. You know what I mean? 

A sample. Neat, huh? I still have problems defacing a book. Too often I scan before I cut. I feel its pain. Is it an easy thing for you to do, or do you relate? These maps are gorgeous so we shall see.

"I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter." Said . . .?

Sincerely sincere,



  1. It's very hard for me to deface a book too, even if it's a discounted price, old, outdated, whatever.

    1. I wonder why some of us feel that way. I have no qualms about taking apart a magazine. :)

  2. I have no trouble ripping up an old book from a thrift store or library book sale, but I can't rip up a book I bought (or was given to me) to read. No matter how old. No matter if I hated it. I think it's about the intention. Those old second hand books were bought with the intention to use them for collage. the other books came into my life as sacred vessels of the written word and shall not be defaced.

    1. But what if you destroy a valuable one of a kind, first edition, limited edition? :( I like "sacred vessels of the written word." You're just as creative with words as you are with mail art.

      Thanks for wading in.

      I haven't taken tools of mail destruction to the book I bought for that purpose. It's too beautiful. I am going to buy another one and use it instead. :)