Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Saturday Evening Post, or Sealed with Bliss

Who first decided that "ignorance is bliss?" I always scoffed at the notion. So who said it first? Answers" gives credit due to:

"This is a quotation from an English poet called Thomas Gray born December 26 1716 and died 30 June 1771 from the poem:  

Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College 

"Yet ah! why should they know their fate? 
Since sorrow never comes too late, 
And happiness too swiftly flies. 
Thought would destroy their paradise. 
No more; where ignorance is bliss, 
'Tis folly to be wise.' "

    I do like this ode, I do. And I discovered that for once, ignorance can be bliss. Like now. My seal is upside down. I applied tape before it dried. Smeared the inks. There aren't enough embellishments to cover this one. No matter. 

    I used my seal. It doesn't matter that it can't be mailed for a week. I don't mind waiting. 

    I quite this, like my little hand-carved seal. It's for all things botanical. Does it remind you of a butterfly? What if you squint? 

    I just know you'll like this. It's from the clever-clever Aussie, Kathleen. 

    How clever-clever is she? She is so clever she got this across the big waters without a stamp! That's how clever-clever she is. The silver matches my hair. Thank you Kathleen.

    For Monday's mail. A little package goes a long way.

    Then there's this: A nod to National Poetry Month. And Wallace Stevens. Do you recognize him? This poem is from THE COLLECTED POEMS OF WALLACE STEVENS. I give credit for having this, to the gem among angels, Angela! Thank you, dear Angela. It's an excerpt from his poem, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird." I wish they'd included a bird. Hope you are able to read the poem. I wish for at least one "among twenty snowy mountains . . ." There's a gift attached. Read on.

    Now, the first reader to send me a postcard with the author's stamp will win an amazing prize. So will the second. And the third. What are the prizes? They shall remain nameless. You won't know until you tear away the wrapping. Hurry now! I'm in a giving mood. This one is for US readers this time. April is a great month for good things. I feel a poem coming on. Oh, wait. Did I miss Earth Day?


    1. I'll bite!! Maybe I will be in time... or out of it.

      1. All right then! :) I know you got this one Randall. Two to go!

        Thanks for playing.