Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pacifiers Come When Least Expected

Pacifiers even come in the mail. Let me tell you. I entered a give-away several days ago. And I won. I won! Imagine that. I won. The prize was a book. You know I love books. I love to read books. Some day I hope to write a book, and I dream of its publication. I especially like books with foreign authors. A favorite from years ago is Call the Midwife. The story is currently airing on our local PBS, and it is so true to the book that I don't need to read it again to refresh my memory. The story translated to film very well. We truly are more alike than we are different. 

Scant minutes and three e-mails after learning of my good luck, I lost my prize. I was disqualified. Seems I did not read the rules carefully enough to discover that only Aussies were eligible to win. I hope the person who won instead of me enjoys the book more than I would have. No hard feelings. I liked the book "The Bone People, although it dealt with abuse. I especially liked the story line about the woman living in a lighthouse. I dreamed of living in one once upon a time. Wished I could have bought one of those that were auctioned off in recent years. Wait a sec. The story's main character is loosely based on, or is like the American actor, who co-stars in the American sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory." Now, the actor, hereto known as Sheldon, is from Houston. For real. And he has a memaw. That alone should have qualified me. Right? Well, never mind. There are no sour grapes stuffed in my cheeks. Hey, Dodson! I got the cartoon. Thanks.

I have been awarded one of the best pacifiers imaginable. SCREEEEAM! I have an etegami postcard from Japan, and I'm not even good at etegami. Yet. Isn't it just perfect? It is laminated. And since you're supposed to create etegami that says something about the person, well, shucks, I feel on top of the world. I am a smart cookie. I crumble but I don't fall apart. Uh huh, uh huh. I'm a smart cookie! Looks like chocolate chips cookies too! Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah! Thank you, dosankodebbie! You and Cole introduced me to etegami, and you make it sound so easy. I like your chop. What does it say? I ordered one from Nat' Geo; it takes several weeks to arrive. I watched a video about how chops are made. Talent and patience are called for. I wanted one made from jade, but the prices are currently prohibitive. I use four little square stamps and a red ink pad for now. I have to order my paste soon.  Arigato, Debbiesan. Arigato.

You won't believe this . . . Okay, maybe you will. I have a letter from Christy. Girl, I thought you'd fallen off the map. Okay, not really, but it's always nice to get mail that comes after a long silence. A month between responses is good, don't you think? It gives a body time to do something worth writing about. Look at the cats! Oh, and the stamps. Who is Adolph Ochs? Hmm. Let me see, said the blind man.

Goodness. His daughter was named Iphigene. Shades of Ima Hogg? Any idea what Iphigene means? Her father was one smart man. Spoke six languages. Iphigene's grandson wrote Memoirs of a Geisha. Imagine that! I liked the book. Immensely. Did you? Newspaper publishing was part of the family's DNA. Thank you, Christy. Getting much rain there? Wait a minute. Hold the horses. There are Texas stamps?

A handful of mail went out today. I forgot to save images, but I had fun creating it. So, see you in the mail.

Be well.



  1. Your way of writing is so humorous

  2. oh i knew you like sheldon bah zingah LOL sorry had to throw that shameless plug in there LOL ....yes and did love the book memiors of a geisha it was a really good book . have you ever read snow falls on cedar ? that was really good too you must read if you have not and also saving fish from drowning by amy tan . first one I ever read because of the cover LOL ... I just loved it and I love the cover .... oh well take care and i hope to see you in the mailbox soon .