Sunday, April 28, 2013

Murder Most Fowl, or a Letter of Murder in the Bleu Morgue

This should be a quickie seeing as how I'm down to my last pain pill. Oh, well, it's been fun and swell. I think I wrote too much mail, as in "write mail while the sun in shining." It really is shining today. Oh, what a feeling! The yard is squishy and all the hole-less planters need tipping, but I am not complaining. Rain transforms and renews. The newspaper was wrapped in five plastic sleeves. Four pink and one blue. 

Ladybugs scurried away from my camera as I zoomed in. Two on the same bush! Different colors; just blurred.

There were signs and patterns unfolding before my eyes. So many things for letters and posts! And postcards.

Fond memories turned into facts of life. The little starling shook its head so fast it because a blur.

Every time I eat salad from my bowl, I will picture it here. The bathing beauty of April. Because, alas . . .

It is no more.

I did not cry. Epictetus's words of wisdom echoed to remind me that all living things are mortal and will leave us. He said, "When something happens, the only thing in your power is your attitude toward it; yon can either accept it or resent it." There's no disputing that, except to add that acceptance takes time. So I called on the law that says we eat or are eaten. Hmm. As much as I love  the little starlings, I love the owls and hawks, and even the shrikes that need to feed. So, moving on . . .

I retrieved the paper myself today. Have you read it? Did you see the piece about Willa Cather? No? Haven't had time? Well, read on.

You know this reminds me of Elle, right? And her wonderful art-istamps! They were the first things I thought of when I saw the page.

Wow, huh?

I have not read the article yet, but rushed to photograph and post the images so that I could share with those of you who haven't gotten around to reading the books section. This image sparked an idea for another drawing. I tell you, inspiration is everywhere.  I often wonder where your ideas come for posts and mail art. What's inspired you lately? Is Mom Nature ever a Muse?


  1. Oh yes -- I saw Willa and the stamps in the New York Times book review this morning. Lovely. I love her writing. And the bird.....ooohhhh...this has happened many times in my backyard. I cried at first but now I steel myself not to get too attached to them....
    Hang in there!

    1. :) Nature knows best. Right? A mother starling has built a nest in the outside vent that leads to the space above the stove. I watched her grab grass and fly above the kitchen window. I was washing dishes; thought she was going to crash into the window until she drew up short and disappeared. That's how I knew she'd taken up residence there. She makes a lot of noise. I wish she'd move. Maybe it's time to stuff the vents with steel wool. Before she lays eggs.

      Thanks, 'cause I'm hanging. I am so hanging. :)

  2. wow those birds sure do make their nests in crazy dangerous places huh ? Omg about the little bird , my heart aches so bad when something like that happens and I feel so bad for the mamma bird if she sees it or not .... yeah steel wool wont work they will take it and make a nest somewhere else ...thanks for the lovely post card I received today with my favorite chicken on it with a mail bag of all things . it was sheer delight to see that in my mail box . Thank you so much and I love it and it is sitting on my desk .

    1. They also nest in the vents to the laundry room. I used to drag JC to listen. Told him there were mice in the walls. LOL.

      Both birds could not fly. They had wing feathers but their bodies were practically naked. I've watched hawks hunt and recently realized I rooted for them in one breath and felt compassion in the next. The circle of life keeps on going. I am less emotional about it until it takes me unaware.

      Glad you like the mail bird. He has no tail feathers. LOL. I've decided to print and mail postcards when I cannot write letters. They're better than silence, explanations, or apologies. :)

      Be well.