Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mail Order

I gathered this bits from my front flower bed on an overcast day. My intention was to do a retake; guess who knocked everything onto the floor before the she remembered to try again. We finally got rain, so it didn't matter. Last night's thunderstorms rocked the atmosphere and the lights went out as usual. All that booming and flashing felt like angles were having a bowling tournament in the dark, and audience flicked their Bics out of sync. Thank goodness for iPads that can light up a room, 'cause I only paused out of respect before I went back to reading. Elle, I ordered two books with you in mind: 50 Best Plants on the Planet and Vegetable Literacy. That carrot top is a nod to vegetables, and with a little order, the shot became a postcard.

More mail order and ta-da! Another postcard. 

Such a sweet chop, yes? Etegami anyone? Oh! This is on the bottom of my new butcher's tray. You know it reminded me of the Melancholy Swan, don't you?

A reminder postcard from JC's dentist. He let me keep it. Yea, J! 

Now this is just cute. Such tiny feet for a mouse, don't you think? And all those aprons. Beads on her tail even! Either her fairy godmother tossed her some heels or it's raining shoes. Since she looks so happy, my guess is she needed some pumps to match a ball gown and godmother came through. Two dollars say she'll be turned into a princess until midnight. Ah! Maybe for the prom? And her feet are gonna grow. Thank you, dear Anna. Everything has a story. You just have to read it. LOL. The envelope took a beating. I didn't have to open it. The letter sort of just fell out. The mail fairies saved the day again.

Okay. In order to create a little balance I have to share this. I like your stationery. My photo doesn't do it justice but it's great and a little funky up close and personal. Thank you, LR. Your handwriting is lovely too. It's always nice to hear from you. 

Mail went out. See how the white ink disappears into the paper? I like it though. Can you tell how much I like the cover of my tablet? Tablet. Wow. Remember when a tablet was ruled sheets of paper between a cover and a back? Do you like paisley? Do you know who created it? No-no! Without Googling.

The gold is beautiful. Sorry for the poor lighting.

Humor is always a part of mail order. Right?

Then there's a goodnight from deep in the heart of Texas. Write on.


P.S. Who won Randall's giveaway? Hmm. Find out here: Congratulations, Pamela!


  1. I love your postcard with the nature's face. Very cool

    I remember when a tablet used to be lined paper. I also remember thongs used to be flip flops now thongs are underwear.

    1. Thank you. It was simple happenstance that brought the face to light.

      LOL. I never understood the word flip flop. Even before the new definition, thong used to mean a strip of leather. Interesting how words change meanings.

      I have a new one on the tip of my fingers. ;)