Friday, April 19, 2013

Limning in Limbo

Our daughter was admitted to the hospital night before last. Intervention was unsuccessful, resulting in surgery this morning. I have been in limbo. I have kept calm and carried on. Being busy helps as long as it does not involve driving. So. Since I cannot be in Chicago, I sent my backup. JC is on the train now. He left Houston this morning. Shin is with Erin when he's not at work. A co-worker is with her now.

Today's post is showing with a little telling. Carrying on . . .

Today, twenty-three pieces of mail went out. Twenty-two letters and notecards with letter-length messages inside, one missed BHM postcard, and a little rubber ducky, are being processed for their exit even as I type. The clerks have been so nice lately. One talked with me about my Berds. She thinks my printing and handwriting looks like calligraphy. I wish I could draw a Berd for each of them. I would dress them in uniform. That's a lot of work but it might help me carry on. I have a lot to do. So many projects started and stopped, clamor for attention. I think I'm making up for lost time. My arm doesn't spasm quite as much now, but I tend to overdo it. I'm having so much fun being back in the ball game. Can you tell?

When I walked into the postoffice today, one of the clerks grinned and she said, "Back already?" Everyone laughed. I did too. I've mail over eighty pieces of mail in the last five or six days, fifty- plus moon pies, and packages I forgot to photograph. It's good to be back. I found a letter from 2011. I pray that it was answered. 

Moving on . . .

Dragons have always been in my life in one fashion or another. Recently I was bent on creating my own. Things happened. I found my dragon tea bottle on a shelf inside my little supply cabinet, next to the good paper. It's too beautiful to use, don't you think? It's there for drinking tea with a glass straw while I write. Yeah, uh huh. 

With or without tea, lovely accidents happen. One postcard used as a temporary bookmark makes for a good laugh.

This went out today. It took two stamps. Hope they were enough.

"Aged" and altered, happiness prevails.

I waxed poetic around 4 A.M. 

Heads up Randall! A little fun is headed your way.

Spring inspires.

I write to my Erin. A package. I forget what's inside. Peanut patties! Remember those? All that red dye and a rancid peanut or two? My mother taught little Erin to like the things when she spent summers with her. I bought three. Not sure if she likes moon pies. 

Elle's package made it home. Yes!

BINGO! I forget who it's for. 

"The Elephant Man" is in town until May 5. And I quote . . .


Great image. Made a lovely envelope.

A fun gift.

A Mason jar of words.

I missed this in BHM. Found it tucked away in another book. 

A sentimental moment.

Humor on the front of a postcard. 

Today's bundle of mail, with a little rubber ducky.

A beautiful surprise was on the doorstep! 

It was worth the weeks-long wait.
Sorry for the shake.

I photographed each side, then decided on the top as the one to share. My gem was hand-carved with care.

It's been tested. I assume it has the artist's seal of approval.

Komodo dragons?
Komodo dragons.

Komodo dragons protect the vibrancy inside. If it doesn't, then bless my hide. I plan use my new chop on a get-well gift to my daughter first. Then . . . Who's next?

Be well.

Sincerely sincere,



  1. I am sorry to hear that your daughter isn't well. I will keep her in my prayers and be waiting to hear how she is doing. Be at peace mom...

    1. Elle, thank you. She's awake. :) Her dad is there. He sent me a short video. LOL! The surgeon was able to remove the band of scar tissue. No colostomy! You know I am happy, grateful and feel wonderfully blessed. I've grinned since 2:30. My teeth are dry from grinning.

      One of her friends from work baked cupcakes for the surgical team and the recovery nurses. She was with Erin when her dad arrived.

      Thanks again. :) --> :D <--Me grinning.

    2. Very happy to hear the news! I am sure you are relieved! I am also glad that she has a friend who obviously cares a lot about her. I hope that she will continue to improve and be back to herself in short order!

    3. Not sure what's happening with Blogger, but I thank you, Aritha. Another video chat this morning. The prognosis is great. Her complaint is no water or food yet. :)

    4. Elle, hey. Thank you! I got it wrong. Her best friend is in NZ visiting her mother. She ordered the cupcakes and had them delivered by a friend who did not leave Erin's side until JC arrived, except for coffee and to move his car. He held her hand while the tube was inserted through her nose. :) People are wonderful.

  2. Lots and lots of fantastic looking mail. And I hope your daughter is OK and it isn't anything serious.

    1. Gracias, Pamela. I had time to scan. It beat pacing. :) Erin thought she had food poisoning. It turned out to be much worse, but she listened to her mama and took a cab to the ER. The first cab driver refused to take her, so he left her standing at the curb. We are praying for him. The second driver has earned good prayers.

      Seems there's always something going on here. I try so hard to avoid drama, but it tries to horn in. ;)

      Thanks for your comments and for your hope. I'll be reading the blogs I follow as soon as I can. I need to sleep first. LOL.

  3. I'm glad Erin is awake and on the mend. It sounds like she has some incredible friends not to mention her awesome family.

    I'd love to see that seal in print.

    1. Anna, thank you. You know she had to show me her scar on iFace. :) She's in great physical shape. She's a runner like her mama used to be. Erin does have great friends. Thanks for thinking we're awesome. Her dad always comes through, and especially when I can't.

      I tested my stamp. The funniest thing happened: The paper with the seal clung to the satin with static, so it floated out of the box when I lifted the lid. I didn't know which way is up. LOL! I went Googled for a bit before I found something that looks close. It's beautiful on rice paper. Just wait, you'll see. :) I'd like a wax seal and a rubber seal too.

      Have a great weekend.

  4. Thinking of you and your family, and hoping for a quick, uneventful recovery for your daughter. Hugs.

    1. Thank you so much. She got up, walked around the bed and sat in a chair. :)) She will be in the hospital for a week. I hope Maya listens to her mother when she's a young woman. LOL. She seems to be independent like mine. Hugs to you!

  5. Erin is in my prayers, and I hope she will be all right.

    1. Thank you, Motherkitty. I think she's on the road to recovery. She was worried about bed head. LOL. Always a good sign. Her nurses are wonderful. The one taking her vitals this morning had to have a look at me. LOL! She asked JC, "Can she see me? Oh my goodness! Hello." Then she walked around the bed and stood in front of the iPad. LOL. Nice lady. An excellent, caring surgeon.

      I went back to Kroger's to buy one moon pie for everyone in my address book. Guess what. They were all gone! I bought cheese, bread, and made myself a cheese sandwich. I am so happy. It tasted like lobster. :)

  6. Obviously I'm new here and don't know Erin but that doesn't alter the fact she and you will be in my thoughts this weekend.
    That seal / stamp is lovely, absolutely lovely. Would it be rude to ask where you got it? (I assume you bought it and it wasn't a gift).
    I still can't get over how much mail you make and how creative it is.

    1. Thank you. I think you are very kind.

      The entire piece is quite beautiful. There are times when I see the dragon carved into the body and the face peers back at me. If I look too long I lose it. I can see clear through! It's fascinating.

      No, I don't think you are rude to ask. In fact, thanks for asking. I bought it through National Geographic Magazine, of all places. It costs less than one hundred dollars. A bargain really!

      I am still amazed by the amount of mail I get. People are kind and generous and patient. I am behind with replies as usual but I do my best to answer, no matter how long it takes. :)

      Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment.

      Good morning!

  7. Limner dear, I am relieved to see in the string of comments that Erin is making a rapid recovery. You made good use of your worrying time. Eighty pieces of mail??!!?? I have a little something ready to go out to you, at long last.

    1. Thank you. Remember when you were potty training your little ones, and you made a big deal the first time they wee'd in the potty? Well, we're ready to reward Erin the first time she makes gas. LOL! No food or water since Thursday and no gas. She said, "I burped. Shouldn't it count?" My words of encouragement, "it should Love, since a burp is just a fart turned upside down" caused her pain. She laughed too hard.

      Yes ma'am. Eighty. Things are bigger Texas, including tall tales, but I need you to understand. I am behind. What I do is I write six or seven notes, letters, postcards, etegami, and mail art throughout a day now that I can use my arm more. Each bundle of mail contains anywhere from five to twenty-three pie ec of mail. I use rubber bands to hold it together. The bundle with the little rubber ducks held twenty-four, final count. Packages went out. I have customs receipts too. T have photos and scans to back me up. :)

      I have drawn and written a bunch of "just a notes" and letters since JC has been Away. The house is so quiet and I haven't cooked, so I sit near the phone and wait. Keep calm and carry on is good advice. :) I hope my good friends who have gotten three or four, or even two letters will raise one hand on my behalf. So, the real tally is slightly over 80. Shall I post more photos? I am so proud of myself. :))

      Ooh la! Another reason to go to the post office. :) am all eyes.

  8. Praying your daughter will be home from the hospital and completely recovered very quickly.

    1. Thank you, Jan. The nasal-gastric tube was removed today. :) And the Foley. Only oxygen and iv left. Erin's a good post-op patient. :) This afternoon she wrote that I saved her life. I told new "No. YOU saved your life by listening to me." Mamas trump nine times out of ten.

      Chloe, her cat is quite upset. She acted out something fierce. I guess no one told her that her human was in the hospital. Dad went by the apartment to check on her, and Chloe had ripped open the bag of food, strewed it across the bathroom floor, and lay there on her back--sated. LOL!

      We are one of the happiest families. Thanks for everyone's prayers, positive thoughts, and comments. JC is home. The house isn't so quiet. And I will cook dinner. Goodnight all.

  9. P.S. Couldn't sleep last night, so I answered more mail, made more mail art that needs post, and drew a lot of Berds. More mail out tomorrow. Or the day after.

  10. Rubber ducky you're so fine, you make bathtime lots of fun. Rubber ducky I'm awfully fond of you! Thank you!

    1. Yes! Score one for the USPS. Misty sent me my first rubber ducky. :) I hope yours gets a view of the Lake long before you release her into the wild. If you ever do. ;)

      You're welcome. Thanks for letting me know she arrived safely. I got a little ink on her head. :( Sorry. :)

  11. Oooh I had to go look for the ink spot - it is a nice birthmark! She has a place on the bathroom counter waiting for her first water adventure.

    1. A birthmark! What a lovely idea. Thanks for liking her just as she is. Is she near a mirror? LOL! You two have fun. Keep her as long as you like. :)