Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Gonna Be a Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day: "The term originates from Medieval church calendarsIlluminated manuscripts often marked initial capitals and highlighted words in red ink, known as rubrics. The First Council of Nicaea in 325 decreed the saints' days, feasts and other holy days, which came to be printed on church calendars in red. The term came into wider usage with the appearance in 1549 of the first Book of Common Prayer in which the calendar showed special holy days in red ink.
Many current calendars have special dates and holidays such as Sundays, Christmas Day and Midsummer Day rendered in red colour instead of black.
. . . In Norway, Sweden, Denmark and South Korea and some Latin American countries, a public holiday is typically referred to as "red day" (rød dag, röd dag, 빨간 날), as it is printed in red in calendars." 
This info is borrowed from WIikipedia. Here I was thinking a red letter day meant a bad mark on a test or class report. Then I remembered that all grades were marked in red, so I had to look up the meaning. Live and learn. And there's this: And this simple definition: An important or significant day. From the practice of printing holidays in red on the calendar. (i.e. Today was a red-letter day in our history.) How about this? An all-day open house experience for high school seniors! There are red letter poems. Who knew?
Now, there's gonna be another red letter day. Mark your calendar. Make April 25th a circled-in-red day. It's the day a winner will be chosen for a very special gift from The Toymaker. It's for children only. So: Hey, Bling Girls! Ready to have some fun with numbers? Yes? Well, simply send me a postcard with your favorite number, in your favorite color, drawn on the front, and it will be entered for a special drawing on the 25th. Your parents will have to help you with this one, so let them play with you when you win. 
The Toymaker did something wonderful to make learning fun, so I simply had to buy a copy of her "Mysterious Math Carnival." I have made some of her lovely toys before. Two of them are still on one of my bookshelves. Erin's kitten ate the third one. 
Parents, why not visit The Toymaker's Shop and have a look around? No, I don't even know her, but I like her style, her unique ideas and her art. Learning is fundamental. She makes it more fun. Here's a link:
Remember: It's gonna be a red letter day!

Mail in? You bet.

A pretty Easter card from Kathleen. Mucho gracias, Kathleen, with the lovely Irish name.

A postcard from DC. Marian Anderson! I watched Paul Robeson last night on TCM. Oh, his voice! Of course he sang "Deep River." At a Welsh funeral. Pamela visited the Lincoln Memorial and bought me a postcard. If that doesn't beat the band then I don't know what does. Thank you, thoughtful Pamela. Carrie Mae Weems is a favorite of mine. Her site is bookmarked. Am pleased to know that someone else enjoys her work as well. Extra thanks.

MIM Mail! Somehow it all makes so much sense. No. 75 of 365. Go MIM. Thank you, too. I will heed your message: "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Plato 428-48. 

One letter in the Out Box. Thank you, JC, for posting my offerings. 

This should go out tomorrow or on Monday. I get a kick out of sending mail. But only good mail. Bad mail is never good. I am guilty of bad mail days. I have had a string of very good days of late though. No pain means great gains. Oh, but it's gonna be a red letter day!

The back of a postcard says it swell. I haven't had to hit or bite anyone in a long time. Yes, I've had a few red letter days already. Be well, and I'll see you in the mail.

Sincerely sincere,



  1. And here all this time I thought it had something to do with the red letters in some Bibles. Thanks for educating me - I never would've even thought to look it up. :)

    1. I thought of that too. When I was a girl I asked my grandmother why there were red words in her Bible. She told me a little whopper. I THINK she said the red words were Jesus' and the black words belonged to Satan. I made sure I never touched her Bible after that because I wasn't sure which were which.

      Jan, I am one for looking up such things. I do well on Jeopardy. LOL. Seriously. My head if full of not-so-useful bits of information, but that doesn't stop me for wondering. I am grateful for the Internet. :) Thanks for wondering too.