Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From Her, With Love

Oh, happy birthday!

91 years packed into 2 candles.

So beary sweet! Flutterbys before my eyes!

The sweetest thing, from her, with Love.
We sang the birthday song. 
Off key. 
With gusto. 
With feeling. 
Thank you, 
my friend.
Thanks for the gifts, 
the cards, 
and birthday wishes 
from all of you. 
Can hardly stand it
'til I'm 92!


Mama's got a brand new bag.

And, since I am the oldest one here, I get to share a little wisdom. Here goes:

I wonder. Will life be this great, when I'm 92? 

Write on!


Mail Time

A winner's prize.

Just showing off? No. This is some serious mail.

Another letter to another chick. Time to write more. So I bid you goodnight.


  1. Someone sent you a CAKE???? In the mail?? How cool is that? I never got a cake in the mail.....lucky you!

    1. LOL. Yes, an honest to goodness cake. From England. There's much more. You have to see it to believe it. :) So much in such a small box. Some people really know how to pack a punch.

      I hope you get a cake through the mail some day as well. It's an amazing thing, but Anna is an amazing person. A birthday party in a box! Stay tuned. :)

  2. I was so worried about that cake! K always looks on in amazement when I start one of these projects. I'm glad you liked the bunting, that paper is so pretty and I kept thinking I'd save it to wrap a special package but I like it better this way.

    1. Have no fear. The jammy center made it moist and the fondant kept it sealed. Yum. I had the last slice tonight. LOL.

      I understand K's amazement. I haven't figured out how you do it. I over-do it and my packages end up weighing more than the thing I'm shipping. Nothing moved in this package, Anna. Honest. We were amazed. Oh, but I treasure the bunting. It's my first ever. I love flowers, so it's perfect. The wrapping paper? So pretty! Not damaged at all.

      I can't imagine topping this one. :) Am already thinking ahead and nothing comes to mind. A party in a box! I keep saying that because it's true. Oh, wait. I might be on to something, but . . . We will see. :) I told O-Bird all about it today, and I was just as excited as if the gift box came this morning. :)))

      You are some kind of wonderful! I can thank you for the rest of my life and it won't be enough. Thank you.

      Humbly, sincerely sincere,


  3. Oh my a birthday party in a box goodness gracious I love the idea . I get so many ideas off of these blogs it is so much fun . Gotta love the chicken . yeah you do ....well I bid you adieu my fair charlie brown .

    1. Some nights I ask myself what I would do without you to quirk my day. :) You are popular in this household. I should ask for your autograph. For my mom. And JC. :) You could replace Roger Ebert if you ever get tired of endorsing me. {{{phonelday}}}

  4. Hahahaha! Someone sent ME a cake? I love it! Someone sent ME a cake! :D For real. Better yet, someone thought that much of me. Wow.