Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fee Mail or Fare Mail?

Fee mail or fare mail. International is all air mail. Did you know that mail can still travel to Australia via a slow boat? I discovered it quite by accident. By boat, mail takes a month. Hooray for air fare! Still and all, I am tempted to send something by water, just for giggles. Have you ever sent anything by boat? 

All mail is fee mail. Even e-mail costs sometimes. My little watercolor postcard will cost a FOREVER fare to make it anywhere. 

Fun with Friends

This is Randall's and my fun mail. The idea came from Kathleen. I have to show you hers as soon as I can but I cannot not give her credit. It's fun to use the goodies you get to make something for the sender, but it's even more fun to keep it going. Our little book has six pages. That gives us twelve sides to have fun with. 

The sun burst is from Randall. The R and string are mine. Some of you might recognize the tissue paper cover. A packet goes a long way. I have the string in orange, blue and black. 

I like these little pins, so I glued one to the cover. It's easy to open for attachments.

Dedication! Page one. Thank you, Kathleen.

Levengers Page Pointes are point on. I have them in brass also.

Memories of library days. I wish I could buy these separately. I think the little pocket is from . . . It slips my mind. Amy Tangerine! Yes, I think it's from Amy Tangerine. 

Aren't these cute? Little wooden typewriters. They come several to a packet. I've shared some of my stash, hoping the recipients will share what they've done with theirs.

Page one has a little green in honor of St. Paddy's Day, courtesy of Kathleen. She gave me enough to make a lovely collage. And I will when my arm is steady. Soon. Thank you again, Kathleen. Having something to look forward to makes a body feel better.

The bottom of page one. Clever-clever, yes? Well, maybe.

The last page or the inside of the back cover.

Return envelope enclosed.

The back of Randall's response. In time for Easter. Argyle eggs are cool. 

This is Randall's first page! What can I say? Nothing except "Look!" In all my years of doing calligraphy, I have never been brave enough to even try my hand at this. Stone Zebra, that Z has your name all over it. It has a flourish that even Zorro would envy. Thank you, Randall. 

I was careful but still wasn't able to extract it from the page without losing some of the art.


Sincerely sincere,



  1. Randall's calligraphy is beautiful.

    1. Thank you. I'm sure he can never hear that enough. :)

    2. *blush* *blush* *blush* *blush*

      You are too kind!

      BTW, the booklet idea is genius and I am already thinking about what to put on my next page when I get the book back!

  2. yes his calligraphy is gorgeous ....Now alas my dear Limner I must ask you a favor if you happen upon a nursery or someone who sells plants then please see if you can possibly hunt down an african violet by the name of Rhapsodie Lucy . Ever since you gave me this nickname I have been looking for this glorious living doll . If you can find it I would be forever grateful I know you are good with plants and btw the bamboo you sent me is awesome you should see it .... growing and growing . I just love it and will love it forever . anyhoose talk to you soon and if you should track the little gem I asked you about please let me know thanks .

    1. Sorry my friend but I'm not likely to visit nurseries any time soon. Am not able to drive very far. Did you look into ordering one online? I was sad when my African violets died but the ones in the front flower bed are thriving in this cold spring we have.

      Crossing my fingers that you find one.

      See? That lucky bamboo must be working on itself. :) Glad that it is thriving for you.