Saturday, April 6, 2013

Another Saturday Evening Post

It's about time. It's about space. It's about time I did an about face. This has been a great day. It's one of the best in a long string of less than memorable days and nights. Or maybe they've been so memorable that I can recall them well enough to appreciate ones like this much more. Did that make sense? 

We had dinner out. It's been a long time since we've had the pleasure. Not take out mind you, but dinner away from home, in a nice restaurant. A long, leisurely, pleasant meal with music and great service. It was our first time eating at Cantina Laredo, our favorite Mexican restaurant, where your server makes the guacamole table-side, since last year. I just haven't been up to the long ride. 

Our server, Reyna, remembered us. She remembered JC's birthday cakes. She remembered when we were a larger party too. That was when we celebrated my sister Doris' birthday, and I turned her on to their reserve tequila. Different birthdays, including my own, feature the same cake. It's always the Berry Chantilly from Whole Foods. Reyna likes it as much as we do. Steve, the best pomegranate margarita maker in America is back! He left over two years ago, but he's back. He remembered us from my margarita summers probably. I shook his hand, and although it was gentle, it did not hurt. Pain is manageable these days. I am a happier, hungrier me again. I can ride in JC's truck with the ac'd seats, and . . . Remind me to tell you about those seats soon. Why do men think no one feels the big bumps just because they're driving a big pick-up the size of Texas? Is it their ego that makes them oblivious to the jolts and shocks? Okay. That's my only wonder. It was great being out with an appetite that wanted satisfying. Wish you were there.

Just across the parking lot from Cantina Laredo is Whole Foods. I walked. JC parked closer and we were off. More bok choy. I cannot get enough of it. First it was asparagus. Now bok choy with a drizzle of olive oil and butter, fresh ground white pepper and pink sea salt. 

Another first! French Macaroons! Yes, yes, yes. Finally. Erin made the first ones I ever had a couple of years ago. For my birthday. The nice lady at WFM gave me samples of the raspberry, lemon and pistachio, so I bought one of each. Do you like French macaroons? What do you like about them? I find them to be satisfying. You get to eat pretties and and colors at the same time. They're just sweet enough to satisfy a sugar craving. One is enough. Two sate even the strongest cravings. I wish I could share these. Since I can't I arranged them on my cute little palette and arranged them as lovely eye candies. Think m&ms. 

We took the long way home. It led past the post office. I had mail! Let me tell you. Not much tops mail as a memorable way to end an evening. I read my letter in the truck. Thank you Angela. You said the right things, in just the right way, and I feel like I know you. You really are a great teacher. I appreciate your gift more than you can imagine. 

Why didn't I think of this? No matter. I'm glad someone did because you, dear Angela, saw it and thought of me. Thank you. I have the same plants in my yard and flower bed. I have a lovely trowel too, but the handle is green. My favorite gardening tool is my circle hoe. It makes work so much easier.

JC and I looked over the front and back beds and garden when we came home. The irises and African lilies are really showing off after the recent storms. I hope I can show you what I mean. My camera's gears are grinding. I think I need a new camera. My Olympus has been a work horse, and earned every penny of its cost. Blessed indeed are the cracked. My cracked bones let in the light to my consciousness. Kathleen sends chicken soup for my soul when she writes. Blessed are the mail writers for they shall be re-written. Thank you again, dear Kathleen. Your goodies keep on giving. There are enough gems for one a day, much like a daily vitamin.

An envelope from Pamela! More will be revealed tomorrow. Scanning takes longer these days. I don't want to overdo a good thing, but the front and insides are fantabulous. Just wait and see. Thanks, dear Pamela! That's my favorite Miles Davis stamp. And I heart Mr. Cosby. He taxes my nerves with his joke telling, then makes me laugh hard. 

I have two new stamps. They were 30% off, un-used so far but chomping at the bit. There are three more that need breaking in. I feel a letter or five coming on. No pain makes for more letters. 

One of four postcards and one letter. So far. There's more to come. 

Sincerely sincere,


P.S. If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.

Have you seen the movie Prometheus? Do you like Mildred Pierce with Joan Crawford or do you prefer the version with Kate Winslet? I hope you don't mind the other non-mail related bits here. I think we should get to know each other better every chance we get. I enjoy learning things about people, like your favorite foods, favorite movie genres, colors, authors, hobbies aside from mail . . . And . . . Will you include your birthdays in your next letter? I wonder how many of you are dragons/bulls like me. I was born under the sign of the bull. Taurus. I don't have every trait but enough to make me curious about the ones I might share with fellow Taureans. 

Another bit about me. Back in my IRC days I was RoseMadst. More on that some other time. I bid you goodnight.


  1. Fabulous post. Since I have not seen the version with Kate Winslet, I supoose I prefer the version with Joan Crawford. What a Mommie, dearest!

    1. Thank you. I've seen the Crawford as regularly as I've viewed Whatever Happened to Baby Jane." Crawford was quite an actress. I still don't believe she was the demon her daughter tried to make us believe that she was. I dislike wire coat hangers. :) They leave nipples and lines in clothes. :(

      I hope you might see Winslet's version. She's a good actress as well, but Joan's face was perfect for speaking when there were no words for the emotions roles called for. Bette Davis was almost as good as Crawford. What do you think?