Friday, April 26, 2013

And a Fledgling in a Fig Tree!

Sixty-two notecards, hand-made postcards, and letters went out today. Sixty-two pieces of joy and fun.

There was lovely mail in. I did not stop to count because there was a package waiting. Oh, joy! Over-excited, I forgot to take a photo of the package in the box. Thank you, Dodson, D.! I didn't have to stoop to retrieve it either. More joy.

Colorful candies, reminding me of Mexico. Thanks, JC. Instead of a lousy t-shirt, I get the complimentary sweets from his last trip to Chicago. I wonder if they taste as pretty as they look.

They matched some of the mail.

A pretty little piglet. Spooky. Flowers for eyes? Those brown stripes threw me. Are Chinese pigs so different from American swine? 

I reckon she's mine. She's so fine. I like her style, from head to tail.  My father sent my sister, Betty a beautiful piggy bank from Germany. I hadn't been born, so, too bad, so sad. Well, I have my own piggy bank now. I cannot help but wonder why the slot is atop her back. Why not her mouth?The farmer's money goes into his pig's mouth, so why not? Or the middle of her forehead? Oh! No! Not the other end! No matter. My birthday money will find its way.

There's more mail to scan, more gifts to share, a winner to announce! Wait! Make that TWO winners to announce. The Toymaker's gift goes to Davia, the only entrant! Yea, Davia! It's one of my favorites. I know your mom is hands-on, so you're gonna be one smarter girl. Your prize goes out Monday. 

Then there's a prize for the giveaway inspired by Angela's "Poetry in Motion" postcard. Randall won! I like this postcard. I like the poem that came with:

The spring clouds blow
Above the shuttered mansion houses
Beyond our gate and the windy sky

Cries out a literate despair
We knew for long the mansion's look
And what we said of it became

A part of what it is . . .

-from "A Postcard from the Volcano" by Wallace Stevens.

A gift for a gift. Thank you, Randall. Wallace does not "look" like a poet, does he. He reminds me of Walter Cronkite. Oh. I hope you like your prize. It's something I can never have too much of. Thanks for playing. 

Stay tuned. There's more good stuff ahead. 

And, there's a story about this: A fledgling in a fig tree. It flew/fell from the crepe myrtle, barely missed my head, but managed to touch my shoulder. What is it? A mockingbird? 


  1. I don't know what kind of bird that is, but I hope it isn't a mockingbird. They can be so annoying, especially to our cats. I didn't get one single piece of mail today, not even junk. That always makes me a little nervous - did we really not get anything, or did they just put it into someone else's box like they put someone else's into our box - at least twice a month? We always put it back so they can deliver it to the proper place, but I'm not sure other people don't just throw it away.

    1. I love mockingbirds. We had a mulberry tree at our old house, and the same mockingbird came in the morning and evening, perched on the same branch tip and sang to me for two years in a row. I mourned for him. His mate dive-bombed me only once. :)

      Cats are predators. They kill millions of birds each year. I have to side with the birds. A neighbor lets their over-fed feline roam free and it always stalks my feathered friends. Last week I grabbed a dishtowel and went for it. It was licking its paws like it had just dined. LOL. JC thought I was having a fit.

      I've sent you a fair amount of mail. I even answered one letter twice. LOL. Postcards went out for you. I'm like you though. We get bunches of mail every day, so when the mail box is empty I wonder. Then a day later it's brimming. I hope your box puffs up soon. :) I hope it's so stuffed you'll need to put it on a diet. :) Happy mail to you, Jackie.

      Oh. Before I forget. There's a bobcat loose in Katy. Poor things are being driven from their habitat by homebuilders. I side with the bobcats. They've been making off with house cats though. Our cats have never been outside except for rides to the vet.

  2. Glad you got the package. And not to late. Mailed on Wednesday. 2day travel time. Not bad.

    1. I almost went to the post office earlier but kept my word. :) Belated surprises are just as sweet. :) Thank you, again. I've taken them out and put things back so many times. The tissue paper is a mess. :) Very lovely stuff, Dodson, D., just my kind of paper. Tactile.

  3. Well now that house that is pictured is here in Ohio and the lady that lives in it has a shotgun and she has told ppl to stay off her property ... she also looks out the window when ppl stop and take a pic . she is quite the charecter and quite scary too if you think about it . This could be in another 50 yrs LOL ... I dont think so just giving you food for thought but I thought you might want to know about that house .....i also side with the bobcats too but you probably already knew that since I love animals so much that I would have a zoo if I could . that has always been my dream to run a rehab home for animals the only problem is though I probably would not be so quick to let them go . God bless and take care .

  4. I'm in no way certain, but my guess on the bird would be a juvenile starling.

    1. Hey-hey! :) That was my second guess, because of the wing colors. They're beautiful. Not many people like starlings though.

      I just checked, and you are quite right. You win the prize. :) My guessing game is a bit like a silent auction. ;) It has a sibling. I went out to check on it and discovered a twin. They're soaked because we've had storms all day. Okay. I have to share photos.

      Thanks, Patty! You can type. :))) Good to see you. When it comes to hands, one is better than none, huh? I am semi-ambidexterous. :D

  5. Sister-woman, I actually understood every word. Wow. LOL! I could be that woman tomorrow. Hahaha! For real. I like that house. The photo is perfect Randall. The paper, the feel of it. It's all perfect. Thanks for the story behind the house. I showed it to Erin. She and I made up our own histories for it. :)

    I am not a fan of zoos but rehabs are compassionate places. All the deer in the surrounding countryside roam through our neighborhoods, until someone complains and the men with guns come. Erin remembers my mistaking a skunk for an abandoned kitty, and warned me to be careful. I know. Bobcats are not birds, but they deserve homes too.

    You too, and be well.