Sunday, April 21, 2013

All Is Not Quiet On The Western Mail Front

All is not quiet on this here western front, but there will be a lull this day. JC is home. Life picks up and moves on, with gratitude and joy. I wandered from room to room, from kitchen to patio, from patio to the front door. I sat, I sipped and I wrote. I had time to think. There was time to reflect and write some more. My bookseller friends were kind when they said "You're back." The post office ladies said it too, with smiles, and raised brows. I received preferential treatment. Okay, CH loaned me her pen, and didn't get on me for forgetting my customs form. I fill them out at home. From habit. Friday I forgot. 

I remembered to take three photos with my iPhone. Hooray for me! I haven't mourned too deeply for my Mighty Olympus, my Therd Eye. A birthday camera is in the works. I managed several photos yesterday and today before I gave up. See? Shot in the Honda with iPhone. 

The line at the kiosk was too long so I just put on extra postage and left it at that. Hope it gets there. It's funny how they always ask for even a nickel if you're under, but never give you postage change if you are over.

Note: Chinese chop does not print well on water color paper. I'd rather share my tea with a dragonfly than with a fly. 

Mail out without a final tally. Should have been delivered by now.

One of the worst shots ever, but I had one of two bags full. :)

Last night's mail. 

Safely tucked inside this bird bag. 

Lev, the levitator, is from some Halloween. I laid down some color around four this morning. Might finish it tonight.

Lev is just as colorful on the bleed-through.

I think this guy is from last Halloween also. Was meant to be a card for Kimi. I draw while under the influence of Ambien, put the sketchbook away, and forgot about it. Needs color, huh? Soon. Soon.

Self-portrait. Colored last night.

A man from my dreams. He'll make a lovely postcard, don't you think? LOL! Of course he needs red feathers, being a Scotsman and all. Armstrong strong! Postcards are fun!

So, all really isn't quiet on the western mail front. Now 'tis time to make dinner. Goodnight, and write on!


P.S. Any and all duplications are meant to be deliberate accidental distractions. 


  1. LOVE the self-portrait (as well as all the rest of your wonderful stuff!).

    1. LOL. Thank you, sir. It changes often. I appreciate your nod. This one reminds me of you, now that I think on it. Hmm.

  2. I always like seeing the berds.. Thanks L

    1. Thanks D.D., I like seeing the ones from my window almost as much as I like drawing them. My pleasure.

  3. They are all wonderful, but my favorite is the Scotsman. I think he would definitely make a good postcard!

    1. I appreciate the nod Jackie. With colors or plain? Both? The "hey" postcards printed nicely. I must do Angus justice if you vote for color.
      :) Hope you'll like Ken just as much.